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4 MAJOR lessons that we learned 12 Months after our first membership launch!

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October 21, 2020


Want to know the 4 key lessons we learnt with our membership relaunch? 12 Months after launching our Oh My Digital Membership, we spill the tea on our key takeaways and how you can learn from our experience.

Lesson No. 1

As true perfectionists, we procrastinated on re-launching. Waiting for everything to be perfect. We spent months listening and learning from our founding members and realised, all of this information needed to be put out into the world. The biggest struggle was changing our own mindset around actually selling our membership.

Our focus shifted to think more around serving rather than selling. We know how hard it can be to feel like you’re constantly sounding salesy and cringey, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, there is so much white noise when it comes to social media these days that your audience (and potential audience) doesn’t see everything you’re putting out. Valuable or not, unfortunately it’s true.

When we knew we wanted to do the re-launch that we had something that people wanted to engage with. We wanted our members and audience to feel empowered with digital marketing, not scared about all of the moving parts that can fall into it. By not talking about our membership, we weren’t helping anyone.

Sure we were worried about overselling, but like we said, not everyone sees everything you put out. As Marketers ourselves, we know that you need to promote your product. That was probably our biggest learning with the re-launch. Ensuring that our mindset in the space to confidently educate our followers about the benefits and let the results speak for themselves this time. Instead of being too afraid to talk about it because we might annoy people.

By talking about it more, and opening our audience to it without being salesy we were able to attract more signups. We knew that our plan must have been right this time, because we had family members congratulating us on the relaunch AND we had signed up 20 new and existing members before we had even officially launched to the public

Oh My Digital Membership

Lesson No. 2

We have worked tirelessly to nurture our waitlist. So it was a no brainer to give them a little extra with our re-launch. We gave them an awesome incentive. They were given 48 hours to sign up for a 30 day free trial of the newly revamped membership. Which was made so much easier with the platform we used this time around.

It was our way of saying, we appreciate you – thank you for trusting us to support you in your business journey.

This time around, we had so much faith in our membership that we knew when they signed up for the trial they too would see the value in it and stick around. The numbers don’t lie, we’ve had one person choose not to hang around longer than a month. But we get that it won’t be for everyone. Some busy business owners just want to come along to check it out for a month. And maybe they aren’t ready to level up their business yet or start making investments in their biz, and there’s no judgement in that. We know that we’ll be here waiting when they’re ready to come back, and we do have members that come and go depending on their circumstances. Because we get it, business can be bloody hard. But that’s why you’ve got your marketing wing-women by your side!

Lesson No. 3

This one was a biggie, we actually spent time actually listening to our members, and not our competition. When we first started the membership, we spent time understanding what our industry connections were doing. We looked to them for guidance “What were they doing”, “What were they using”.

A lot of them were steering away from including a Facebook Group as an additional tool to their membership. We made the mistake of listening to our industry, and not our members. As we learned, our members actually prefer the interactive and engaging Facebook Group. They like the accessibility and convenience of utilising a tool they already know how to use.

It’s easy to get lost in what everyone else is doing, and trying to move away from that. So our biggest lesson was — learn what works for your audience best.

Our Facebook Group is so important to our membership community.

As too is always asking for feedback. We are always asking our members for feedback. This allows us to best serve them, and that’s ultimately what we started the membership for. So, over the 12 months we took the time to get feedback, listen to the members and this time around we are continually making improvements for them. Starting with things like asking for which topics they’d like us to cover and what email format they’d prefer (weekly, monthly etc). We were specific, and made it easy for them to provide the feedback. It was valuable for both of us.

After all, we are here to empower them with information they want to use.

Oh My Digital Facebook

Lesson No. 4

We planned, and planned some more and we asked for help. We had spent months, curating emails, preparing the content, mapping out our goals and were set on launching.

As we mentioned, we hadn’t spent enough time building hype, and talking about the membership so our planning kind of fell a little flat. So we knuckled down, and started to serve our members that had signed up and slowly (defs not overnight) started to build a loyal community of amazing businesses and this time in just our soft launch we had the same amount of people sign up just from the soft as we did when we launched to the public, 12 months ago!

We use some amazing Project Management tools that help us map out all of our tasks, and let us plan all of our improvements and content. We are always working on how to serve our members.

And we asked for help, we outsourced tasks and that allowed us to focus on the bigger picture membership stuff. Which was amazing and we wish we had done it the first time around.

Our final tip* bonus!

Make sure you celebrate all your achievements, all the small wins and the bigger ones that make up working in your business awesome and rewarding.

We have a folder that we put all the great stuff we achieve in (testimonials, feedback, killer results and even just little wins), and it’s a great reflection tool! Highly encourage it.

If you have any questions for us around our lessons, please send us an email at

Thank you !!


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