Have your online presence audited, to find out where you're killing it, and where you could improve (and how!).


Receive a monthly (no B/S) report in your inbox, and understand exactly how close you are to kicking some serious goals.


Outsource your social media content, advertising or email marketing so that you don't even have to think about it anymore.


Get a custom-made game plan, breaking down exactly which marketing tactics can help you achieve your business goals.


The only time we want mystery and rumours in our lives is when we're binge-watching Gossip Girl.
But when it comes to building your brand online, attracting new customers and making it rain results? We believe that should be simple, easy and FUN. Welcome to our B.S. Free Zone.

If you're ready to spend less time scheduling posts and more time sipping cosmos, you're in the right place.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

What if you could:

Let's make your life easier

Just like getting your first eyebrow wax, we know that approaching a professional for the first time can be a little intimidating.

We get that, and we promise everytime you chat to us will be a 100% judgement free zone. 

Our journey will start with a free 20-minute chat, where our job is to listen to your challenges and goals, and then guide you on the next best steps. We aren't here to sell for the sake of selling, so we'll only recommend services we feel you'll really benefit from - not just the ones you might think you need!

For most new clients, this starts with Digital Marketing Playbook, to audit your existing online presence, and then develop a game-plan to help you kick your goals over the following 12 months.

You might decide to implement this yourself (which is totally cool with us) or maybe you'll want to outsource a few tasks to free up your time and energy. Either way, it’s totally your choice how you want to proceed long-term.

If you like the sound of us (your marketing cheerleaders) taking over for you, then you're in the right place. So sit back, relax and make yourself a cosmo, because very soon you'll never have to think about DIY-ing again!

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So, how do we get started?

We can help

Create a Custom Game Plan

We can help

There is so much pressure to be active on 687 different social media platforms, and trying every latest trick in the book to grow your business online.

But do you wanna know a lil' secret? Chances are you don't need to be doing more, more, more. You just need to be doing the right things, and doing them well.

In this custom-made strategy, we'll audit your current online presence (or give you instructions to get set up), breakdown your business goals, and provide a game plan to guide your marketing for the next 12 months - and beyond!

Digital Marketing Playbook

Step 1: Option 1 (the best option)

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Step 1

Kick your goals step-by-step

You might be posting content to your businesses social media accounts, and implementing every latest tactic that you’ve read about online, but without a plan in place that actually takes into account your business goals, you very well could just be wasting your time and money.
Every business needs a great digital marketing plan to get started. Our Digital Marketing Playbook will audit what you’ve been doing, provide suggestions to improve, and share a strategy to guide you over the next 12 months.

Digital Marketing Playbook

Step 1: Option 1 (the best option)

We can help

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Yes please!

✓ Total Instagram overhaul – bio, layout, hashtags, followers, following, content & image choice recommendations.
✓ Facebook feedback – using analytics to advise you on your CTA buttons, top-performing posts, engagement, page demographic and suggestions for improvement of content.
✓ Website suggestions – we’ll evaluate your Google Analytics & your website to see if you can improve your customer experience which will aim to improve conversions
Don't have these yet? Don't sweat. We gotchu. We'll give you an in depth guide to follow to get set up for success.
✓ An in-depth SWOT analysis
✓ An industry update, as well as potential untapped markets
✓ Your business’s key market segments
✓ Competitor comparison analysis
✓ Overall business goals breakdown with complementary marketing goals
✓ A mapped-out digital marketing funnel, so you can see how everything contributes to the big picture
✓ A full breakdown of which digital marketing tactics can help you reach your goals
✓ A social media content guide (packed with tips & tricks tailored specifically for your business)
✓ A proposed budget breakdown
✓ And a timeline to guide you along the path for the next 6-12 months
PLUS you get a BONUS virtual follow up chat with us to pick our brains about any areas you might need some extra help on.
In this highly actionable plan that's ready for you to explore by yourself, we'll also provide you with a quote for us to do it for you at the end if you decide you still need a little help later down the track!

Our Digital Marketing
Playbook includes:

Already have some of these ticked off? You go-getter you. Book A Chat to ask us about the condensed version

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Do you find running your own socials is a huge time suck or you just never know what to post? Social Media can drive huge results, but it takes strategy and consistency. Let us do it for you!

Social Media Marketing

Ways we can help.

Step 2

Never struggle to post  again!




We can help

do it for you

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Maybe you've dabbled in Facebook or Instagram ads but didn't see results, or you just don't have time for another thing on your to-do list? We can manage them for you from start to finish and keep you updated along the way.

Social Media Advertising

Ways we can help.

Step 2

the solution to your problem



We can help

arm you with a plan of attack

Want a sneaky peek at our pricing? Download our service guide and then book a time to chat if you see something you like!

Want the juicy details?

You're in an industry that doesn't align with our zone of genius (like real estate, coaching or sport - it's not you, it's us) or that doesn't align with your values.

You're not generating sales on your own or are looking for a magical silver bullet (there just isn't one - sorry!).

You haven't quite found your product-market fit yet or need help with your pricing. Ask us for a recommendation for a great business coach/accountant.

You're looking for someone to implement tactics, and don't want advice on strategy. Try an amazing V.A instead.

We might not be a good fit if...

You're in the Retail or Professional Services space and based in Australian or New Zealand - these are the markets we know best!

A brand with an epic product or service, strong values and great customer service that just needs a hand getting the message out and growing their sales.

A busy Marketing Manager who understands the power of digital marketing, but doesn't have the time or skillset to do it all themselves.

An established business owner with a proven offering who is ready to take it to the next level.

We could be a match made in heaven if you are...

Outsourcing Services

Let us do it for you!

The Founders Team

Oh My Digital have been managing our social media for about six months now and I am so happy with everything. Their level of service, their creativity, their ability to take on our brand as if it's their own. I also did a 1:1 Marketing Strategy with them recently so we could start looking at a more holistic approach to our marketing efforts and it was brilliant. They had some amazing recommendations, ideas and they ended with an Action Checklist which is very helpful for a list person like me. Highly recommend the OMD gals!

Leanne Webber

Rivermead Estate

The Girls at Oh My Digital are the best! fast, efficient, creative with words and have an eye for detail. They know their stuff and are 100% focused on each of their clients to the point they make you feel you are their only one! Our growth at Rivermead Estate and the professional presentation of our instagram and facebook platforms are commented on all the time. Thanks girls for making my job so easy! 

Chrissy Keepence - General Manager

Scratch & Jotter

The team are brilliant at what they do. They brainstormed creative, developed funnels and set everything up so we could track everything, then they have kept me in the loop every step of the way, letting me know what's working, what needs tweaking and come to me with ideas. If you want to be guided by experts through the quagmire that is social media advertising - Haley, Katy and Erin are your digi-sherpas. Five stars.



Fantastic business. Really reputable. Hard-working and honest. 

We really enjoyed working with OMD and look forward to again in the future!


Knowledge Academy

These women are absolutely amazing. They took so much care with my brand and came up with a content plan that is clear and actionable. They are so generous with their time and super helpful, friendly and supportive, not to mention so enthusiastic about working with their clients. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you!


Bella Boheme

Hayley and Katy from Oh My Digital were an absolute dream to work with! Their professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding and we couldn't recommend them highly enough!



The Girls at Oh My Digital are the best! fast, efficient, creative with words and have an eye for detail. They know their stuff and are 100% focused on each of their clients to the point they make you feel you are their only one! Our growth at Rivermead Estate and the professional presentation of our instagram and facebook platforms are commented on all the time. Thanks girls for making my job so easy! 



OMD's efforts and service were outstanding and made my loathed business audit a joy. From the little details to the grander picture, I feel confident and empowered with my personalised strategy and knowing that I have these ladies in my corner.


Lux Hax

Hayley has been a pleasure to work with. She and Kaitlyn put together a competition campaign for my company Stylkea with a level of professionalism that went beyond my expectations. They have a great, positive attitude, coupled with the right connections (coders, graphic designers etc) and real-world digital experience, which allows them punch above their weight. As well as running a good campaign, Hayley brought new ideas to the table and put systems in place to streamline our digital media management. Importantly, they were open minded and flexible, which is an essential quality given that we’re all learning as the brand is growing and evolving. Sometimes, you need more than an expert telling you what to do – you need collaborators to brainstorm with, and I feel I have that with these talented women. Oh My Digital are the real deal.



Hayley and the team at Oh My Digital Agency have delivered a rare combination of quality and creativity which has provided us with some amazing insights and results.
On top of being one of the nicest and most humble people to work with, working with Hayley has been absolutely effortless. She instantly grasped the unique concept of Hitchd and helped us grow our social media presence by more than 200% in less than a week. The team also helped tweak and refine our Facebook Ad campaigns to provide us with much-needed data to ensure we are reaching our optimal target audience.
I can’t say enough positive things about the great work they have done for Hitchd and would highly recommend working with the experts at Oh My Digital Agency.


That’s okay, that’s why we’re here! We’ll discuss your goals in our initial free 20 minute chat, and then we’ll put together a plan of attack with you. 

What if I'm not entirely sure what I need?

Our standard terms only require a 30 days notice period for monthly clients to cancel or change their package, so if you need to upgrade or downgrade, we’ll work with you and be as flexible as we can.

what if I need to change my package?

For once of projects, we take a 50% deposit to book in your start date, and 50% on finalisation. Ongoing work is invoiced in fortnightly payments. We'll outline your exact payment terms on your proposal when you get started with us.

how do your payment terms work?


Once you’ve signed off on your project, we’ll be in touch to let you know who your main point of contact will be. We match all new clients with their perfect team member based on our skills and availability so we can give you the best chance of success!

who will I be working with?

Boy do we, just check out our Facebook page right here to see all of the amazing feedback we’ve gotten so far! Want more specific examples? Just holla.

Do you have testimonials I can view?

We certainly do! Every month you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing how the month went, and what we’d like to do moving forward!

Do you provide RECOMMENDATIONS each month?

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