Have your social media & website audited, so you know where you're killing it, and where you could improve.


Have a monthly (no B/S) report sent to you, so you can keep on track of how your goals are progressing.


Outsource your social media content, advertising, blog writing or email marketing so that you don't have to worry about it anymore.


Get armed with a plan of attack that is customised to help you achieve your unique biz goals over 6/12 months.


There is so much information and advice out there about what you should be doing to market your business online – it’s overwhelming! And even if you were to try and follow it all, where are you supposed to find the time? As a business owner you have to wear a LOT of hats, and let's be honest, you'd rather be doing anything other than spending hours agonising over your marketing...

Sound Familiar?

Let's change that! What if you could:

When you come to us for help or advice, we don’t expect you to know exactly what services you need. In fact, it’s our job to listen to your challenges and goals, and then come up with a solution for you.

This is why we don’t jump straight into the nitty-gritty. We have a careful and tested process to develop the best strategy to suit your needs and budget.

After having a chat to you about where you’re at and what you want to achieve, we’ll start the research and planning phase to develop an overall digital marketing strategy for you. This typically begins with a Digital Marketing Plan to come up with a long term plan of attack and point you in the right direction.

After completing your Digital Marketing Plan, we’ll provide a clear list of recommendations and next the steps.

You might want to implement some of these yourself, outsource them to us if you don’t have time, or just ask us for a little assistance. Either way, it’s totally your choice how you want to proceed long-term.

If you want a little help, this is where we put our recommendations into action and take over managing your digital marketing efforts long-term. So sit back, relax, and pour yourself a wine because you never have to think about DIYing again!

So...keep scrolling to see exactly what we offer...

So, how do we get started?

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You might be posting content to your businesses social media accounts, and implementing every latest tactic that you’ve read about online, but without a plan in place that actually takes into account your business goals, you very well could just be wasting your time and money.

Every business needs a great digital marketing plan to get started. Our Digital Marketing Plan will take you through an audit of what you’ve been doing, suggestions to improve, and a strategy to guide you into the future.

Digital Marketing Plan

Step 1: Option 1 (the best option)

take your marketing off your hands

We can help

Your Digital Marketing Playbook is the ultimate strategy and implementation guide for you, the business owner who has already started your social media accounts, have your website up and running and possibly dabbled in email marketing. You'll already be armed with a Business or Marketing Plan, but you need a little help with the digital tactics and the best ways to implement them.

You’re overwhelmed with ideas, and you’ve read lots of tips online but none of it is tailored exactly for you. This is where our Digital Marketing Playbook comes in. It is a jam-packed, highly actionable guide that you can use to nail your digital marketing and skyrocket your business.

Digital Marketing Playbook

Step 1: Option 2 (already have a plan?)

Yes please!

Our Advanced Digital Health Check will examine the overall health of your current digital marketing strategy and uncover the pain points that need some TLC. Perfect for those biz owners who have dabbled with Facebook Ads (or hit that boost button).

Our findings and recommendations will be presented in a comprehensive 40+ page report (we've been told it's like a hug from a friend) that comes complete with a checklist that you can work through to get your socials sorted.

Digital Health Check (Advanced)

Step 1: Option 3 (Need an audit?)

Yes please!

Our Digital Health Check will examine the overall health of your current digital marketing strategy and uncover the pain points that need some TLC. Perfect for the fairly new biz owner, or those who haven't run ads before.

Our findings and recommendations will be presented in a comprehensive 30+ page report (we've been told it's like a hug from a friend) that comes complete with a checklist that you can work through to get your socials sorted.

Digital Health Check (Basic)

Step 1: Option 4 (Need an audit?)

Yes please!

We can help

We can help

arm you with a plan of attack

the solution to your problem

Step 1




Do you find running your own socials is a huge time suck or you just never know what to post? Social Media can drive huge results, but it takes strategy and consistency. Let us do it for you!

Social Media Packages

Step 2: Ways we can help

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Maybe you've dabbled in Facebook or Instagram ads but didn't see results, or you just don't have time for another thing on your to-do list. We can manage them for you from start to finish and keep you updated along the way.

Social Media Advertising

Step 2: Ways We Can Help

Can we chat?

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take your marketing off your hands

Want to have a sneaky peek at our pricing? All you have to do is download our pricing guide and then book in a time to chat if you see something you like!

Service Guide?

Want to download our

Businesses outside of AU or NZ, coaches or those who specialise in courses, or online programs. It's not you, it's us. It just doesn't light us up & we want the best for you

Business owners who are looking for a quick fix to their business problems (we'd suggest chatting to a Biz Coach)

Businesses who are just starting out with a very tight budget & limited sales history (you might benefit from a Marketing Plan instead)

Business owners who are looking for someone to implement their existing strategies (you might need a VA!)

Who we're not for...

Australian or New Zealand service based or eCommerce  owners 

Businesses who have a KILLER product or service and strong values but need a hand getting the message out and growing their biz & sales

Busy Business Owners who understand the power of digital marketing, but don't have the time to spend wearing all the hats

Business owners who are ready to get a little help nailing their digital marketing

Who we help...

Outsourcing Services

Rivermead Estate

The Girls at Oh My Digital are the best! fast, efficient, creative with words and have an eye for detail. They know their stuff and are 100% focused on each of their clients to the point they make you feel you are their only one! Our growth at Rivermead Estate and the professional presentation of our instagram and facebook platforms are commented on all the time. Thanks girls for making my job so easy! 

Chrissy Keepence, - General Manager,

Lux Hax

Hayley has been a pleasure to work with. She and Kaitlyn put together a competition campaign for my company Stylkea with a level of professionalism that went beyond my expectations. They have a great, positive attitude, coupled with the right connections (coders, graphic designers etc) and real-world digital experience, which allows them punch above their weight. As well as running a good campaign, Hayley brought new ideas to the table and put systems in place to streamline our digital media management. Importantly, they were open minded and flexible, which is an essential quality given that we’re all learning as the brand is growing and evolving. Sometimes, you need more than an expert telling you what to do – you need collaborators to brainstorm with, and I feel I have that with these talented women. Oh My Digital are the real deal.



Hayley and the team at Oh My Digital Agency have delivered a rare combination of quality and creativity which has provided us with some amazing insights and results.
On top of being one of the nicest and most humble people to work with, working with Hayley has been absolutely effortless. She instantly grasped the unique concept of Hitchd and helped us grow our social media presence by more than 200% in less than a week. The team also helped tweak and refine our Facebook Ad campaigns to provide us with much-needed data to ensure we are reaching our optimal target audience.
I can’t say enough positive things about the great work they have done for Hitchd and would highly recommend working with the experts at Oh My Digital Agency.



Oh My Digital have been driving our content marketing and regularly produce high quality articles that are well researched, search engine optimised and highly relevant to our target market. Kaitlyn is a pleasure to work with.


Little Black Kat

Katy has helped me with my business blog for the past 6 months. She either takes my ideas and puts them together into something amazing that would take me weeks to write. Or, she recognises exactly what my audience needs to know, and writes something equally impressive! I'm seriously blown away every time. The bounce rate on my website has continued to improve over this time AND when using the blogs as reference, I'm finding more things to talk to my social media audience about. Which has also seen improvements. ...Thanks so much!


Check out our services guide or try our quiz to find your best next step!

Wanna work with us?

That's okay, that's why we're here! We'll discuss your goals over our initial 20 min free chat, and then from there we'll put together a plan of attack moving forward. Once you've signed off we can chat timelines!

What if I'm not entirely sure what I need?

We don't lock anyone in to anything. You sign on for one month at a time, cancel with 30 days notice! So if you need to upgrade or downgrade your package, we'll work with you to tailor something that suits.

what if I need to change my package?

We require a 50% deposit to book in your start date, and 50% on finalisation of your once-off projects OR 50% in a fortnight for ongoing projects. Total transparency is where we start, so our invoices are completely broken down and you know where your money is going up front!

how do your payment terms work?


Once you've signed off on your project, we'll be in touch to let you know whether it will be Hayley or Katy that you're working with! We split our projects based on skill and available time, so you are guaranteed to have the best results possible.

will I be working with katy or hayley?

Boy do we, just check out our Facebook page right here to see all of the amazing feedback we've gotten so far! Want more specific examples? Just holla.

Do you have testimonials I can view?

We certainly do! Every month you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing how the month went, and what we'd like to do moving forward!

Do you provide RECOMMENDATIONS each month?

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Free Pass to all Oh My Digital exclusive workshops and live trainings

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Want to get empowered to DIY your marketing and start kicking some goals while having our support along the way?

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