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March 12, 2021
11 ways to optimise your Instagram bio

Instagram Bio Hacks


GROW your followers & convert more customers!

11 ways to optimise your Instagram bio 👇🏻⁠

  1. Set your profile photo as a logo if you’re a brand OR a high quality photo if you’re the face of the brand!

Stand out and be recognisable in feeds and DMs.

2. Set your username as your business name.

So you’re searchable when potential customers are looking for you!⁠

3. Set your Name as either the names of the biz owners OR your tagline.

IF you can fit it – add what your speciality is so you’re attracting the RIGHT people straight away and they know who they’re talking to.⁠

4. Choose your business category.

Make sure this is as accurate as possible so you increase your chances of being searchable.⁠

5. State who you are (if you haven’t already) and how you help your audience.

This way those landing on your profile know they’ve found the right biz for them.⁠

6. List what you offer.

Make it SO clear that they want to enquire/shop right away.⁠

7. Add your CTA (call-to-action aka what you want your audience to do).

Take out the guesswork.⁠

8. List your website.

EVEN BETTER if you’ve got a LinkTree or custom link that provides multiple CTAs.⁠

9. Add your location.

Even if you’re not a physical biz, it allows your audience to establish common grounds – literally.

10. Add all the ways your audience can contact or find you.

This is KEY if you have a physical location.⁠ And if you’re a service that has an online booking system, see if yours is listed and hook that up!

11. Add highlights to showcase what you offer, BTS, testimonials, tutorials or any other stories you want to pin to your profile.

Build relationships and establish trust.⁠

Make sure you tag us on Instagram stories if you do a little bio refresh, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!⁠

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