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Kaitlyn Gillies

Time-saving tools that we couldn’t live without

Small Business

July 2, 2020


The best investments we’ve made in our biz so far….. time-saving tools.⁠

Yup, we’ve learnt A LOT the hard way over the last 3 years. But we’ve got our systems pretttty well in shape now. For two extreme workaholics, it was a necessity to cut down on tasks that waste our time and speed up our processes so we could get to the good bits (empowering small businesses to nail their digital marketing).⁠

Some of the tools we’ve discovered along the way (aka our lifesavers) include:⁠


This bad boy takes care of all our enquiries, appointment scheduling, proposals, contracts, canned emails and lead management in one!

Safe to say it has saved us so much managing leads and onboarding new customers – not to mention it’s super user-friendly for them to review and sign our proposals as well.


We use Asana for our project management (which is kind of a big deal for agencies). This helps us organise all of our client work into projects, and break everything down into specific tasks with deadlines so we can easily keep track of what to do when. This seriously keeps us sane!

We also like to track our internal to-dos in here, so they can be prioritised and actually get done.


Drip is our internal Email Marketing Platform of choice right now (although we use a range of others like Mailchimp and Klaviyo for our clients).

It makes automations and segmenting easy which is key for running our Membership and the email funnels for our digital products.


Airtable is amazing for spreadsheet addicts who want something a little snazzier and professional looking. We use this tool to plan out our client’s content calendars and communicate about changes and approvals.


We seriously could not function without Later. No, really.

We use this to schedule all of our social media posts, as well as those for our clients. We’ve tried a lot (like, a lot) of different scheduling tools over the years and this is the most robust (but easy to use) tool we have discovered so far.

It has a visual feed planner, saved captions (perfect for hashtags) and built in analytics. You can even download a CSV of your best performing hashtags over a set period – SO HANDY.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is amazing for bringing key metrics together all in one place, making it really helpful for reporting.

We also have Agency Analytics dashboards set up for our Oh My Digital Members, so they can jump in and see their progress in real time! Cool, right?

We hope you found this blog helpful and got some ideas to save time in your own business!

If you want to know our thoughts on any tools you’re considering, drop us a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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