Have your online presence audited, to find out where you're killing it, and where you could improve (and how!).


Have a squad of Marketing Cheerleaders supporting you, holding you accountable and available to help you when you get stuck <3


Get a custom-made game plan, breaking down exactly which marketing tactics can help you achieve your business goals.


So you're following every "social media expert" on Instagram, trying every tip and trick, but nothing seems to be helping you kick the goals you're working SO hard for.

You know that general tips can only get you so far, and you're ready to work with an expert 1:1, but you're not quite ready to outsource either... Well the good news is:

Sound Familiar?

What if you could:

We're here to help

We get it, not everyone has the budget to outsource their marketing to a professional. That's why we have a whole range of services, downloadable templates and guides to help you nail your digital marketing, one step at a time!

Need a little help
DIY'ing your marketing?

Let's give you...

a game-plan to follow

There is so much pressure to be active on 687 different social media platforms, and trying every latest trick in the book to grow your business online.

But do you wanna know a lil' secret? Chances are you don't need to be doing more, more, more. You just need to be doing the right things, and doing them well.

In this custom-made strategy, we'll audit your current online presence, breakdown your business goals, and provide a game plan to guide your marketing for the next 12 months - and beyond!

Digital Marketing Playbook

One off investment of $1990 AUD + GST

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Kick Your Goals Step-By-Step

You might be posting content to your businesses social media accounts, and implementing every latest tactic that you’ve read about online, but without a plan in place that actually takes into account your business goals, you very well could just be wasting your time and money.
Every business needs a great digital marketing plan to get started. Our Digital Marketing Playbook will audit what you’ve been doing, provide suggestions to improve, and share a strategy to guide you over the next 12 months.

Digital Marketing Playbook

Step 1: Option 1 (the best option)

We can help

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Yes please!

✓ Total Instagram overhaul – bio, layout, hashtags, followers, following, content & image choice recommendations.
✓ Facebook feedback – using analytics to advise you on your CTA buttons, top-performing posts, engagement, page demographic and suggestions for improvement of content.
✓ Website suggestions – we’ll evaluate your Google Analytics & your website to see if you can improve your customer experience which will aim to improve conversions
✓ An in-depth SWOT analysis
✓ An industry update, as well as potential untapped markets
✓ Your business’s key market segments
✓ Competitor comparison analysis
✓ Overall business goals breakdown with complementary marketing goals
✓ A mapped-out digital marketing funnel, so you can see how everything contributes to the big picture
✓ A full breakdown of which digital marketing tactics can help you reach your goals
✓ A social media content guide (packed with tips & tricks tailored specifically for your business)
✓ A proposed budget breakdown
✓ And a timeline to guide you along the path for the next 6-12 months
PLUS you get a BONUS virtual follow up chat with us to pick our brains about any areas you might need some extra help on.
In this highly actionable plan that's ready for you to explore by yourself, we'll also provide you with a quote for us to do it for you at the end if you decide you still need a little help later down the track!

Grab your Digital Marketing Playbook for only $1750 AUD + GST.  Pretty groovy huh..

Our Digital Marketing
Playbook includes:

Already have some of these ticked off? You go-getter you. Enquire now to ask us about the condensed version

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Remember growing up, when everything was new and confusing, and you'd send your burning questions  in to Dolly Doctor?

Sometimes marketing your biz can feel like that too. If you need to work through a marketing roadblock, we're here to help (no embarassment necessary).

Get instant clarity and confidence with a 1:1 virtual consult with one of our Founders, Hayley or Katy.

You'll have one whole hour to go over your chosen topic which might be...
⭐️ Brainstorming loads of content ideas
⭐️ Auditing your Instagram Business Profile
⭐️ Auditing your Facebook Ads

Sounds good? Book in now, fill out the quick questionnaire and let's go!

1:1 Marketing Coaching

get off the sidelines and start kicking goals for only $299 AUD + GST

Join The A-Team, Get Off The Sidelines And Start Kicking Goals

 It's like having a PE lesson for your socials - minus the sweating and swear words. We'll hold you accountable to getting your content planning done each month, give feedback on your form so you get the best results and even provide some form of social interaction to break up those work from home days.
Come and tune in for one hour, catch up with (or even meet some new) business buddies, and get your content sorted as Hayley & Katy prompt you with ideas along the way.

All-Stars Marketing Training

learn from the best

Free Pass to all Oh My Digital® exclusive workshops and live trainings

Certified non-boring guest expert interviews to answer all your questions

Support from the online member community

Monthly members-only resources to guide you

Build your knowledge and implement as you go over 12 months

Want to get empowered to DIY your marketing and start kicking some goals while having our support along the way?

Oh My Digital  All-Stars


Knowledge Academy

These women are absolutely amazing. They took so much care with my brand and came up with a content plan that is clear and actionable. They are so generous with their time and super helpful, friendly and supportive, not to mention so enthusiastic about working with their clients. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you!


On A String

That’s the best description of how Oh My Digital have helped me grow my business.

Their monthly membership model keeps me informed and educated about ways to continually enhance my digital presence. I really love working with Hayley.


The Whimsical Bead

I'm done! (The latest All-Stars Training Workshop). The content ideas were great (as always). I also love the tech tips which I am terrible at i.e. Finding insights and being able to find data to use for future planning. That kind of stuff is invaluable to me! Thank you. 


Donna Guyler Design

The girls were fantastic to deal with, efficient and extremely helpful. 

All in all, we had a fantastic experience with Oh My Digital, and look forward to working with the girls again in the future. Thank you girls!

Donna Guyler


OMD's efforts and service were outstanding and made my loathed business audit a joy. From the little details to the grander picture, I feel confident and empowered with my personalised strategy and knowing that I have these ladies in my corner.

Vanessa Wallace

Mini Minx

Can't recommend these ladies enough!

Joining the Oh My Digital Membership has been an incredible move for my business. They have been super helpful with all my questions around setting up Klaviyo and Facebook ads, I'd be lost without them!


Faye Hairdressing

These girls are my like minded down to earth people. Super affordable and great knowledge. Thanks so much ladies, I can't wait to rejoin in a couple of months!



Just love you girls! You are both so informative and helpful. Absolutely love the prompts 🙌🏽 I'm stocked up for a month (or more 😏) of content! Definitely would recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone wanting some fresh ideas on what to post.


Explore Nui

I came across Oh My Digital while looking for help online to see what we could do and how we could improve our social media and online presence and up popped Oh My Digital. Reading through their list of services their digital health check appealed - it was exactly what I needed - a pulse check of what we had been doing, how we had been doing it and what we could do better. Their service and turn around time was impressive!! Hayley was very communicative and they know their stuff!! No BS! 😉
The standard time frame was 1 week, but she turned this around for us within a couple of days and we have been so appreciative. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and are actually looking into getting their help and support on a few other elements of our business and improving our online performance. Thanks Hayley you are amazing!! Xx


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