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and we're your marketing cheerleaders.

Meet your Marketing Cheerleaders,

We're here to help you <3 your digital marketing (and nail it!), backed by a cheer squad of besties.

So, whether you’re the new kid on the biz block, a biz bookworm or President of the Biz Keeping Club – marketing just got way (way) easier. Not to mention sparklier, amazing human! 

With DIY, done for you and coaching services, we help passionate business owners at every stage kick digital marketing goals using clear steps that really work.

Oh, hi there! 

We’re Oh My Digital, your dog-obsessed, Netflix-bingeing marketing cheerleaders.

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🎓 BBus (Marketing & PR) 
📱 7 years industry experience
✒️ Content queen
💅 Outside the box thinker
🍜 Unofficial food critic

Katy is the content queen and brand voice chameleon who uses her storytelling skills to connect businesses with their dream customers. She’s worked across a wide range of industries including non-profit, fashion and tech. Today she helps biz owners and Marketing Managers to grow their business through digital marketing. She loves dogs, coffee and EDM (in no particular order).

Katy Gillies

content queen


Co-Captain Katy

🎓 BBus (Marketing) 
📱 10+ years industry experience
📣 Advertising gun 
🛒 Trend hunter & myth buster
🐶 Dog mum

Hayley is the pro at strategy, big ideas and data. She has been working in the marketing industry for over 10 years, mainly in the retail and agency space, specialising in digital marketing. Her passion for coming up with unique strategies for businesses to implement and use to build their businesses makes her a unique part of the Oh My Digital team. Her other loves include her Cocker Spaniel, horror movies, red wine and anything sparkly.

Hayley Peters



Co-Captain Hayley

🎓 BBus (Marketing) Grad (a.k.a smarty pants)
📲 Social Media Fanatic
⚡️ Creative thinker
☕️ Coffee addict
Erin is a social media fanatic who’s always on the pulse of the latest digital marketing trends. She’s fresh out of her Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Marketing and putting those skills to good use! She’s the newest addition to the Oh My Digital team, but her passion for thinking creatively and being super organised ensures she’s curating the best possible digital presence for clients. She loves a good coffee, trying all of Brisbane’s newest restaurants and online shopping! (a little too much)

Erin Simpson



Social Media Coordinator Erin

We cheer ambitious biz owners on, to become BF4L with marketing.

our mission

Where it all began...

You may be wondering, ‘how did we get here?’ To recap, let’s flip back to one of Oh my Digital’s first diary entries in 2016. Heart lock open, fluffy pen ready. And Katy, fresh out of a Digital Marketing internship with Hayley. “Dear Diary, today I found the newest full-time team member for Oh my Digital. Wish me luck! Hayley xo”

Spoiler alert: it was a match made in marketing heaven and with 16 years’ combined marketing experience, we’ve never looked back.

But with so many digital marketers in the world, we wondered… what could we add that was different? Helpful? And filled a gap in the market? It hit us like a pack of nerds to the face. Empowering ambitious business owners to understand and nail their digital marketing, that’s what!

A quick slurp of a Pumpkin Spice Latté (with extra cream), and we got to work. We realised we were onto a good thing when the enquiries began flooding in!

Forming of the cheer squad

You’re not just another account on our books, you’re a business we want to shop with and tell all our friends about too. They don’t call us cheerleaders for nothing!

Transparency is kind of a big deal to us. We provide you with frequent updates on results to help you keep score. 

Our values

Smoke and mirrors are for magic shows, not your marketing. We don’t just give advice, but educate you on the ‘why’ so you can make informed decisions and always understand exactly what you’re investing in.

Where we are today.

A few years later, and Oh My Digital underwent a makeover (cue the montage). Why? To take you back to a simpler time. Back when being online felt fun, familiar and BS-free. That’s how we strive to make digital marketing feel to you, too!

While some others use confusing buzzwords, we keep our teaching style simple. Where some might sell you what you want, we show you (and explain in real words) what you need. And we pinky promise to never keep secrets. Because transparency, support and shaking our pom poms to your success is our fave thing to do. Basically, we cheer you on to become BF4L with digital marketing.

Sure, we wish business was all sunshine and rainbows, but as business owners too, we know that it isn’t! That’s why having a #cheersquad is the next best option. We’re here through the lows, cheer you on through your wins and make sure you always know the ‘why’ behind your marketing, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Consider Oh My Digital your place for real talk and real results. Mixing book smarts with street smarts, so your digital marketing efforts always get an A+ in the 21st Century.

Check out our service guide or try our quiz to find your best next step!

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