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Kaitlyn Gillies
Our biggest piece of advice for anyone starting a new business.

Our biggest piece of advice for starting a new business

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February 5, 2019


Let’s get straight to the point, here it is…

Don’t underestimate the need to build your brand before your business takes off with sales.

We’ve been running Oh My Digital for about 18 months now after starting it as a side-hustle. Eventually, we both graduated to being full-time business owners and the rest is history. We knew it was time to make the jump when we started getting consistent work flowing in from purely inbound leads. That is, people were coming to us instead of us having to hunt down customers. Of course, this doesn’t happen to any business overnight, and there was a lot of background work going on before we could get to this point.

Whether your a service or product-based business, the same principles apply. Not only have we experienced this first-hand as business owners, but after working as marketers with different start-ups and small businesses over the last eight years, we can tell you this…

You need to invest in building your brand for at least 6-12 months before expecting to be booked out or reaching your sales goals.

Today it is easier than ever to physically start a business and you can sell to anyone in the world, but that also means increased competition and consumers have more choice than ever. It will take time for people to learn about what you do and remember your brand before they will be willing to spend money with you.

Most importantly, don’t get disheartened if it takes time to get your first customers. Invest in building a recognisable and lovable brand and build relationships with your audience. Over time, this is what will allow you to stand out from competitors and win their loyalty.

If you’re in the midst of starting a new business and looking for some more key advice, head over to this blog post on HWB Accountants for more tips.

Good luck!


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