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Hayley Peters
Instagram Gal Gang - Studio Ampersand

Instagram Gal Gang – Chelsea – Studio Ampersand

Instagram Gal Gang

March 14, 2019


Chelsea is a talented Graphic Designer & owner of Studio Ampersand. She designs the most incredible graphics that you will have seen on our feed. She is super creative with very little direction needed & leaves you wondering how a person has so much talent. We first discovered Chelsea when she oh so generously shared some of her amazing work in the group Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine for gals to use (with credit to her), instantly we knew we’d find a match made in heaven. We’ve hired her for custom projects and will do so in the future. You can’t go past a designer like this!

Question 1. So tell us, what made you decide to go out on your own as a solo Graphic Designer?

The main drive was becoming a parent – I wanted flexibility in my working hours so I could raise my children at home. The unexpected bonus I got from flying solo was absolutely loving the complete creative freedom – my whole life I’d had non-designer bosses telling me how to do my job, going out on my own really allowed me to spread my creative wings.

Question 2. What have been your biggest struggles, and your biggest accomplishments with owning your own biz so far?

My two biggest struggles have been time management and cash flow. I finally found my mojo once my eldest started school, but now that I have a newborn I’ll be dealing with those issues all over again no doubt.

My greatest accomplishment is simple – the work I create. I’ve been really fortunate to work with some amazing clients who’ve allowed me to create beautiful art for their businesses. I’m so proud of my folio, and I never would have been able to say that if I didn’t go out on my own.

Question 3. What are some of the bigger lessons you’ve learnt along the way? Something other biz owners could learn the easy way!

    1. Owning my mistakes. Everyone drops the ball sometimes, and owning it rather than making excuses shows the client that I’m honest and transparent. It also prevents clients from feeling like they had a bad experience.
  1. Taking a deposit for all new client work. I’ve been in the unfortunate situation of not getting paid a couple of times, one was even a friend!

Question 4. What would you say makes your brand stand out from the noise?

I think my Instagram gallery gives me a boost, with fun, varied yet consistently displayed content. Also having good references from my existing clients, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing.

Question 5. Now we specifically LOVE the way that your creativity has no bounds and your images are able to tell a story so simply, yet so beautifully. How do you get the inspiration to start a new concept each time?

Sometimes it comes easy, other times it’s a struggle depending on where my head is at. A long walk in the forest sometimes is enough to clear my head to allow my thoughts to run free. I’ve always had a passion for surrealism which inspires me to create some of my quirky content. If I’m feeling particularly out of creative juices I’ll spend some time scanning Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration.

Question 6. Holla to some Instagram accounts that you admire or inspire you and why? We love to look for new inspo!

My absolute fav is @julien.tabet he’s the surrealism king!

I also love @thegraphicspr0ject @thedailytype @paulfuentes_design @hey.luisa @design.feed @violettinder @candyminimal @vanessamckeown @lizzie_darden @combophoto @rsvn_

Question 7. Are there any misconceptions about your industry that you’d like to address? We’re all about fighting rumours.

    1. The logo is very rarely the most important thing on a piece of marketing. It does NOT need to be made bigger! 😂
    1. Graphic designers usually aren’t web developers, those that are are completely raking it in because it’s two completely different skill sets (creative + technical)
  1. It’s no longer a male-dominated workforce (YAY!)

Question 8. We work with you regularly, so we know just how AMAZING your artwork is. Do you have a really in-depth process for each design? Or do you wing it?

Aww thanks! It depends on the client and the specific work required, but usually I find a questionnaire along with a collab pinterest board is the best starting point. Some work I just wing it, but it really depends on the brief.

Question 9. How do you address copycats in your industry? Or those who use your work without correctly giving credit?

99% of ideas are not original, so I don’t worry about copycats too much as annoying as it is – we all draw inspiration from somewhere so I try to think of it more as a compliment.

I do get a pretty annoyed when my artwork is used without credit (unless pre-arranged of course) It mostly only happens on Instagram and I comment nicely requesting credit – which most of the time gets deleted. I usually block the person then as the process of getting the image removed on Instagram is near impossible.

Question 10. If you could have an absolute dream client, who would it be? What would you love to work on?

I have them! You guys are one of them I LOVE creating social media content.

My other dream client is Bendigo Art Gallery, I get to create clean minimalist work and the marketing team are absolute legends.

If I could have a unicorn client it would be creating their brand with full creative control from the ground up – logo and branding, stationery, website (with a web developer) and full social media content.

Share your deets. How does someone reading this that loves your vibe in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me is via email :

To see my folio and price points visit


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