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Hayley Peters
Instagram Gal Gang - Angelina - Asiara Media

Instagram Gal Gang – Angelina – Asiara Media

Instagram Gal Gang

January 3, 2019


Angelina from Asiara Media is our ultimate biz bestie and she is one of the most genuine, heart-warming and supporting biz babes you’ll ever meet. We clicked over Instagram and grew an instant bond. We’ve shared clients, projects and even hired each other because we believe so deeply in each other’s talents. She is a mega talented artist and an outside the box, creative thinking photographer that we LOVE to work with!

Question 1. So tell us, you’re an amazing multi-tasker who studies at Uni, owns a business and Mum bosses a little tribe. How do you find the energy to do it all?

Oh honestly I wish I had the perfect formula; I have two energy modes that seem to be rather sporadic and never planned.

  1. Energized by inspiration around me, meditating (with light yoga) on it and sharing the best of what I can.
  2. Or I’m fueled by coffee or green tea.

Entering 2019 I am setting realistic goals to make multi-tasking a little bit clearer (and choosing to do more early meditating and yoga).

What I learnt in 2018 was to allocate time for each thing and to stop underestimating the time you expect to spend on them.

Question 2. What have been your biggest struggles, and your biggest accomplishments with owning your own biz so far?

My biggest struggle has been my mindset and not acknowledging my daily accomplishments.
Every day a small biz owner is doing something even if it’s in the mind still and not on paper towards. Just because it’s not on paper yet doesn’t mean that you have not had a successful day.

My biggest accomplishment so far to date is hard to choose, now that I am learning to celebrate the little things as much as the big things.
But if I had to choose one thing it would be that I acknowledged myself as a professional (it took a few years after design school but I finally believe I am more than qualified hahah).
Believing in yourself brings you to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish things that you didn’t think was possible. For example, I started as a photographer in my business but I never wanted my business to only offer that. I have had a dream to build a media agency and now offering much more in my biz I can say I am halfway to THE BIG LAUNCH.

Question 3. What is something that you wish you could tell young, blissful early in the biz days you? Something other biz owners could learn the easy way!
You are more than capable of reaching your dreams, you are capable of turning them into reality.
Never disregard the power of your mind and putting it on paper!
Question 4. What would you say makes your brand stand out from the noise?

I’d say that I stand out because I seek to encourage, collaborate and offer as much free advice first before jumping into what a customer thinks they may need for their business.

It’s my job to know what a brand needs to reach its target audience and to seek out an audience that they have not yet acknowledged.
The times that I have been least successful in my creative work has been when I fulfil a clients brief without asking questions and doing my research.

I now know, never to take on a photoshoot, video shoot, branding or illustration job without questioning what the visuals are really going to do for the client and their business.

So I guess it is my advanced knowledge not just in visual communication, photography or design but it is my creative direction and business skills that helps me stand out.

Question 5. Now we specifically LOVE your creative photoshoots and original artwork that you produce. Are there any tips of the trade that you’re willing to give away that might help others nail their branding or photography too?

Yes, Don’t ever think the tools you use make you a professional. You don’t need to jump into business with all the right tools. It is always your knowledge and natural talent that will help you grow.

Grow your mind around a concept and research (I personally love youtube and, but apparently, skillshare is great too).


A tool is nothing without knowledge on how to use it or talent to create beyond it.

Question 6. Holla to some Instagram accounts that you admire and why? We love to look for new inspo!

For the BEST social advice, copy and branding I go to you ladies @ohmydigital first and always when I get on my insta!

For my personal business branding admiration;
Style media once known as Style magazine seamlessly added new services and reached new audiences by not being left behind as media changed from print to the internet. And they are still successful in both print and online.

@Jason_asiara *Insta newby*
Because he is my insta husband (and oneday real husband #asiaralovestory coming hehehe). He helps me see not just other things from a new perspective but also myself in a beautiful way. He teaches me to be kind to myself and to my surroundings.

For reasons less about Instagram and more about who the founder is, what she values and what she is doing with her life and those around her.
Honestly, I showed up at one of her events approximately 6/7 months ago and looking back I can say I have been most successful since learning from Jess at the boss babes project. Sometimes value can be found stronger in the actions then the images.

Inspiring stories and possibilities about women making a mark in media (which was once a taboo).

Because seriously what doesn’t this founder do! (sammy_kurtz_makeup) She is running several businesses and due to open another one soon.
I am dying to go to one of the girl gang workshops but I miss out as tickets sell almost instantly!

Last of all for photographic reasons…
Words cannot express the beauty in his work!

Question 7. What’s something that triggers you about social media?

Well because of recent events I’d have to say copyrights… just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free. People work hard on poems, quotes, imagery and all that is posted online and all too often it is stolen without credits.

Other than that bots… what idiot created that! (hahaha so much bottled anger).

Again it is because I stress that people work so hard and put real time and care into each interaction to use social media for ‘real’ and good purposes, and others fill the net with uselessness or disrespect.

Question 8. You do a lot of INCREDIBLE photoshoots, what would you say are the best times of day for lighting to shoot? And how do you draw your inspo?
It depends on the look you are going for, but if you want less fuss and easy quick solutions for content, just before sunset has a beautiful glow about it.
Always think about where the sun is and where the shadows are. You definitely don’t want a selfie at the beach standing straight up at midday (think about the shadows under your eyes (oh those bags).
When it comes to my illustrations inspo it’s definitely straight from the heart (or the cravings hahah I love a good food illustration).
Question 9. Empowering your biz besties is another thing we admire about you, what are some of the groups you participate in and how do you find your little tribe?

Well as you know I started Asiara Media’s first facebook group to share genuine support only a few months ago (You & Your Business – by Asiara Media). And knowing the businesses and entrepreneur members I had I knew we could not continue without you ladies and your business because business success is really just networking in different forms.

But I was very inspired by The boss babes project FB group ‘boss babes mean business’ Because she was about building a safe place for women.
Having a safe place and valuing respect for others is something that you can ignore. I highly recommend that if you are looking for FB groups don’t do it just for business, do it for mental health and inspiration.

I also love The Friday Ruffle, it’s all cocktails, and meeting your new best friend pretty much instantly and no biz talk (which is honestly a sigh of relief when you live and breath in your entrepreneur mindset).


Question 10. Video is something that people are often TERRIFIED of doing but your creative video frequently, and very well. What are some tips you could give readers to help them concur that fear?

First of all makeup or no makeup, great soft lighting will always make you feel good about yourself (remember those lighting tips in question 8).

Be real, you will have good days and bad days. Obviously, don’t glorify the bad days, but don’t be fake.

KNOW that it is ok though to choose a kind approach online even if you did just raise your voice at your child for their tantrums. You aren’t angry at your viewers or upset with your viewers so you are not actually being fake by keeping your personal life PERSONAL. Hahah yea I have gone from taming a tantrum to treating my audience like nothing just happened, but that’s because my audience is not watching me for the drama, they are there for the support, education and visually pleasing aspects.

SO in a nutshell… start videoing once you have…
Thought about your personal/brand values
Know why you have an audience or want an audience (OMD’s digital health check is a good thing to do before starting).
And check that lighting.


Share your deets. How does someone reading this that loves your vibe in touch with you?

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Thank you for your time and as always, being 100% real!


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