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Hayley Peters

5 tips to improve your mental health when you work from home

Small Business

July 12, 2023


If you’re new to owning a business and working from home, it can be an adjustment. Not only can it be taxing on you physically, but your mental health can take a toll. With so many distractions and having to force ourselves into a routine that suits us, it’s a whole new world.

We started our agency in 2017 knowing that we wanted to work from home and if we ever had a physical office that the goal would never be to be there 9-5. Because we wanted flexibility in our lives.

Here are a few tricks we’ve picked up along the way that have helped us stay productive and have improved our mental health:

💖 Set up a separate work and living space. So that when the end of our work day comes, we are closing our laptops and physically leaving the space (it helps with mindset!)

💖 Include exercise and self-care into your routine. Because it’s SO easy to prioritise the biz. But these are essential to maintaining a successful business. Without you, your business can’t survive.

💖 Turn off unnecessary notifications. We don’t have our email notifications or Insta notifications on. Because they aren’t urgent. Anyone needing something urgently will call or text us!

💖 Avoid looking at your emails and biz accounts after hours. This is the HARDEST hurdle of them all. But your brain needs that time to wind down and rest!

💖 Set boundaries with family and friends. Let them know that even though you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you’re available 24/7. By setting days or times you can catch up, it’ll help you maintain strong and healthy relationships that don’t make you feel like you’re wavering on your own boundaries!

If you’re looking for support while you’re riding this crazy biz owner journey, check out our Oh My Digital All-Stars. We have a self-paced course designed to help you nail your own marketing, with monthly Q&As designed for you to come along and pick our brains, work on your homework or just hang out and chat.

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