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Spy on your competitors’ Google Ads + More Digital Updates!

Digital Updates

July 17, 2023


Brace yourselves for an exciting dose of digital updates that have surfaced over the last week. From Google introducing more transparency that allows marketers to spy on their competitors’ ads to TikTok preparing to conquer the world of online shopping plus AI now advancing YouTube and Google unveil cutting-edge features. Buckle up, grab your go-to beverage, and get ready for an exhilarating journey packed with mind-blowing updates that will have you buzzing with excitement!

Instagram is Testing Automatic Product Tags in Stories!

Instagram is testing automatic product detection in Stories, helping brands utilise in-app tools.

It aims to increase exposure, user awareness, and tagging in the app. We swear we’ve seen this before but it wasn’t very accurate!

New Feature “Social Channels” being trialled on Instagram

Instagram is also testing a feature called ‘Social channels’ which allows users to create group chats with followers, similar to broadcast channels, for more interactive and social engagement.

Twitter has Shared a Preview of the Updated Tweet Look

Twitter is testing a streamlined tweet detail view that resembles the main timeline, with fewer titles, rearranged elements, and an option to sort replies.

The format aims to present relevant tweet info in a cleaner, more user-friendly way.

Twitter ‘New Job’ option close to being launched

Twitter is preparing to launch a new feature that allows users to search and apply for jobs directly on the platform.

The job listings option aims to provide a convenient and streamlined process for job seekers.

YouTube Adds Video Title Suggestions

YouTube is introducing AI video title suggestions to help creators optimise their content.

They are also expanding user surveys to gather feedback on a wider range of topics, improving the platform’s user experience.

TikTok is testing the removal of watermarks when downloading videos

TikTok is testing a new feature that would allow users to download clips from the app without the TikTok watermark.

This feature would provide more flexibility for users to save and share TikTok videos outside of the platform.

TikTok tests new “Shop Feed” feature

TikTok is testing a new feature called “Shop Feed” with selected users, aiming to enhance in-app shopping experiences by showcasing curated product collections and facilitating direct purchases within the platform.

Google now allows you to spy on your competition

Google has released a new Ad Transparency Tool to spy on your competitors providing a competitive edge for marketers.

It allows them to analyse competitors’ advertising strategies for informed decision-making and maintaining competitiveness.

Google Announced brand-new AI-Powered Ad Options

Google has unveiled new AI-powered advertising options, including dynamic exclusion lists and optimised targeting, enhancing advertisers’ ability to reach their target audience effectively.

New Emojis!

In 2023, a variety of new emojis were introduced, including symbols representing different emotions, activities, and objects to enhance communication and expressiveness in digital conversations. And we spy some new ones on the way with a focus on inclusivity.

There you have it, a roundup of the most essential updates to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We hope these insights fuel your success and empower you to reach new heights. As we wrap up for this week, remember our DM’s are always open to share your thoughts and questions. Keep shining bright, chasing your dreams, and embracing the magic that lies ahead. Until next week, stay awesome!



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