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Are Instagram Threads the new Twitter? + More Digital Updates!

Digital Updates

July 10, 2023


Hold onto your seats, social media enthusiasts! We have a whirlwind of exciting updates from the world of digital marketing. Instagram Threads has officially arrived, promising to take messaging to new heights. Meanwhile, Twitter continues to become more exclusive with another feature to become strictly for Twitter blue members only. Plus Business accounts are in for a boost with the latest enhancements to promotional ads. Strap in, sip on your favourite beverage, and brace yourself for a wild ride filled with mind-blowing updates that are bound to leave you buzzing with excitement!

Goodbye Twitter, and Hello to Instagram Threads

Instagram has launched its Threads app, aimed at competing with Twitter. The app features a clean layout similar to Twitter’s feed, with plans to enable greater data control and portability.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri revealed upcoming features such as voice notes, photo/video tagging, and algorithmic ranking. Though the app looks promising, it remains to be seen if it can challenge Twitter’s dominance.

Stay tuned for our feed post breaking down this new feature over on Instagram @ohmydigital, and make sure to follow our Threads account here!

Boosting Business Growth: Facebook’s Promotional Ads and Lead Ad Features Drive Customer Acquisition

Facebook is introducing promotional ads to help users find and apply digital promotions.

They are also expanding their lead ads product with new features, including conditional questions and Instant Forms on websites, to enhance the discovery and consideration experience for users and help businesses find qualified customers.

Though it is currently being trialled in the US, we expect these features will soon be available in Australia.

Meta Launches New Reels Ad Options as It Leans into Evolving Consumption Shifts

Meta is introducing new ad options for Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Advertisers can use Click-to-Messenger Ads in Reels to drive direct contact through private chat and enable WhatsApp Conversion optimisation.

Meta is also expanding support for Ads on Facebook Reels and phasing out In-Stream Reserve video ads.

Later: Schedule Posts With Alt Text

Alt text is a short description that replaces images or videos for people with visual impairments or when media fails to load.

Adding alt text ensures accessibility, and it’s now available on Later for scheduling posts!

Tweet Deck to become Twitter Blue Exclusive

Twitter has announced that TweetDeck will soon become a Twitter Blue exclusive, meaning users will have to pay for scheduling tweets through the app.

However you can still use a 3rd party tool to schedule Tweets. Our favourite scheduling app that we use is Later!

There you have it, a roundup of the most essential updates to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We hope these insights fuel your success and empower you to reach new heights. As we wrap up for this week, remember our DM’s are always open to share your thoughts and questions. Keep shining bright, chasing your dreams, and embracing the magic that lies ahead. Until our next week, stay awesome and keep rocking the digital world!



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