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Hayley Peters
Oh My Digital Rebrand

Wanna know why we went with a Y2K theme for our rebrand?⁠


March 14, 2022


Well, there’s a funny reason…. AND there’s a little more strategic reason. Stick around for the LOL.⁠

The main reason we chose to throwback to the millennial mayhem that was the late 90s/early 2000s? We want to make you smile. Take you back to a simpler time. When everything was a little easier. A little less fast. ⁠

And that is exactly how we think marketing should be. Simple, easy and fun. And that comes back to our brand value of empowerment. We aim to demystify marketing, take away the guesswork and actually help you enjoy it (while reaping the rewards).⁠

Now… for the fun reason.⁠

You’d probably already noticed us signing off in Gossip Girl style. Quoting Bring It On and Mean Girls… But at the past agency we worked at, one of the team members made a confession that she had never seen Mean Girls.⁠

To which one of the guys on our floor piped up with “then how the hell do you understand anything these girls say?” Because Mean Girl quotes were like a second language to us 😂⁠

So that’s our ‘why’!⁠

How are you enjoying our brand reveal? Is it bringing back some fond memories? We’ve been droppin’ little memory bombs like it’s hot.⁠



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