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Erin Simpson

How Instagram Search Actually Works


March 11, 2022


…And How You Can Show up Higher!

Are you spending hours on end curating the perfect Instagram, but struggling to reach new people & grow your follower count?

We’re going to take you through exactly how Instagram’s search algorithm works, so you can show up higher.

How exactly is search ranked?

The three most important signals Instagram’s algorithm looks at when ranking search results are:

  • Your text in search (the keywords used),
  • Your activity on Instagram (what type of other posts have you interacted with in the past?) and;
  • Information about the results (accounts that are more popular/reputable are likely to rank higher).

How can you show up higher?

Firstly, be intentional with your handle and profile name. If your profile name or handle is related to what you do, people are more likely to find you when searching specific terms such as Brisbane Hairdresser or Website Design. Ours, for example, is Social Media & Marketing.

Secondly, be thoughtful about the keywords and locations used in your bio. Try including keywords you think are going to help people find you. Make it super easy for people to tell what your account is all about and where you’re located!

And lastly, include these keywords and hashtags in your captions too! The algorithm uses these to figure out what your account is all about and recommend it in search rankings.

Ready to start showing up on Instagram? Just ensure you’re using keywords and hashtags consistently across your bio, name and content shared! This will help the algorithm figure out what you’re all about.⁠⁠

Hope this helps!



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