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TikTok teams up with Warner Music + More Digital Updates!

Digital Updates

July 24, 2023


Hey, hey, hey! Get hyped for the newest must-know digital updates! TikTok teams up with Warner Brothers Music to take music licensing to the next level, giving creators and marketers the ultimate rockstar treatment! And hold your pom-poms tight because Apple is bringing us “Apple GPT” – an AI superstar that’s gonna make our devices do cartwheels! But wait, there’s more… Instagram has released Professional notifications and they are trying to do their thing, but it seems like they’re still figuring it out! Get ready to cheer, dance, and celebrate as we dive into a dazzling world of cutting-edge updates!

Updates to templates on Reels

Templates are levelling up big time! Get ready to create like a pro with awesome text, transitions, and AR effects!

But that’s not all – the template browser is now personalised just for you! Explore trending templates and ones specially recommended for you to find endless inspiration and unleash your creativity!

TikTok has Added New Security Features

TikTok just levelled up their security game on iOS!

Introducing Passkey access – you can now set a passcode for your account, adding an extra layer of protection and keeping your account super safe!

Instagram has Announced New Limits on Threads

Instagram’s got our backs with some awesome news!  They’re cracking down on spam attacks by introducing stricter rate limits on threads.

This means less annoying spam stuff and better protection for all of us from unwanted content!

TikTok has Announced a New Music Licensing Agreement With Warner Music!

TikTok and Warner Music join forces for some serious music magic! Creators and marketers, get ready to groove with licensed tunes.

The impact on copyright and intellectual property rights is a big deal as music usage gets a major boost on the platform.

Apple is Testing their Own AI Tool

Apple is cooking up some serious AI magic with “Apple GPT”!

They’re using Ajax for generative capabilities to take on OpenAI and Google. This move is all about dominating the AI and language generation game.

Microsoft Teams x Maybelline is Here

Microsoft Teams just joined forces with Maybelline for an absolute game-changer!

They’re introducing an AI-powered beauty filter that lets you apply virtual makeup during video calls.

Is this a feature you would use?

Professional Notifications on Instagram

Instagram introduces professional notifications, but the implementation seems incomplete or unresolved, potentially leading to issues or inefficiencies in their functionality.


Meta’s New Report Shows How to Use First-Party Data

Meta just dropped a juicy new report all about optimising first-party data insights!

Get ready to level up your marketing game and nail audience targeting like a pro with their expert guidance! 

Meta has Shared Tips on You Can Make the Most of Threads

While it remains to be seen if this platform is here to stay; Meta has dropped their top tips to making the most of Threads.

Their tips are absolute gems – make a splashy entrance, spark awesome convos, try fun challenges and share hilarious puns!

Check out more of their tips to maximise your threads engagement.

Check out TikTok’s Ad ‘Starter Guide’

TikTok just dropped the Ads Starter Guide – your ticket to acing ad campaigns on the platform!

Get expert tips on creating killer content and nailing audience targeting for epic results!

Woohoo! That’s a wrap on our digital update extravaganza! Now you’re armed with the hottest insights to conquer the game and soar to new heights. Let these electrifying updates fuel your success and keep you shining bright in this ever-evolving digital playground. Got thoughts or questions? Slide into our DMs anytime – we’re here to geek out with you! Keep chasing those dreams… Until next time, stay awesome, stay fabulous, and keep rocking that digital prowess!



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