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Hayley Peters
New TikTok Engagement tools

Better TikTok engagement + more Digital Updates coming in HOT

Digital Updates

July 31, 2023


This week has been all about getting better engagement, better results and more out of your content. With TikTok dropping in some new HOT tools we can’t wait to try (um text-based posts WHAT?), LinkedIn working on a new LinkedIn AI coach (do they come in the personal variety?) and Google dropping their URL updates best practices, we’ve got the goods. Make sure you report back to us over on Insta. We want to know what you’re most excited about!

Need a ‘LinkedIn Coach’ on a budget? There’s an AI tool for that

LinkedIn has been stepping up its game since being taken over by Microsoft. And with another “record-breaking engagement” report, it’s obviously paying off. We’ve seen new AI updates including:

  • Helping you attract your dream collabs/clients by writing a killer profile
  • Generate job listings to grow your dream team
  • And now they’ve introduced they’re working on this new AI-powered coach (um we need one ourselves personally) to help you through different interactions with the app. Which can apparently help you “Apply for jobs, learn new skills, and find more ways to connect with your network – all backed by the power of AI.”

We’re VERY curious to try the update out. But we’re a little sceptical. Is this just going to increase the amount of bot-like applications on jobs?

Image sourced from app researcher Nima Owji

Better TikTok engagement? Yes, please!

TikTok has given us fun new tools with new “Interactive Add Ons” to help capture attention and boost brand engagement. Some of the new and standard tools we can expect to see rolling out soon include:

  • Display Card (share messages, offers or drive traffic)
  • Gift Code Sticker
  • Voting Sticker
  • Countdown Sticker
  • Pop-out Showcase (a premium feature to lead action with your ad)
  • Gesture (a premium feature to encourage action for a clickable display card)
  • Super Like 2.0 (a premium feature that appears when a user hits a button and directs users to a landing page)
  • Text-based posts

We’ll be trialling these out with our TikTok paid ads and organic socials, if you’re already trying them let us know how they’re working for you! Or if you’d like us to take them off your hands, reach out here and we can chat all things TikTok. We gotchu.

Meta has dropped a no-BS guide to Facebook Ads Manager

If you’ve been scratching your head and trying to work out the basics of running Facebook Ads, Meta have come through with a no-BS graphic to give you a little push in the right direction. While it’s not super in-depth, it does give you the fundamentals you need to know.

And if you need a little more help, don’t forget we offer audits, coaching AND we can take those pesky ads off of your hands. Book a chat about your ads here.

Threads are giving people what they want, but is it too late?

Threads have seen a significant decline in usage, but they’re still giving the people what they’ve been asking for, with new updates including:

  • A “Following” (in chronological order) and “For You” feed
  • Post translations
  • Filtering post notifications (um finally)
  • Follow button to easily follow your followers back
  • Quick way to approve new followers if your account is private.

But is the craze already dying? Is anyone still using the platform, we’d LOVE To know. For now, we’ll be using it to repurpose text-based content over on to other platforms. So it’s not wasted energy.

Screenshot from Adam Mosseri’s Channel on Instagram

Google Updates its URL best practices

Did you know Google had URL best practices? Well if you didn’t, not it’s time you brushed up on your knowledge with their latest update.

So there we have it. Another week of killer digital updates to keep us busy. But as always, remember to come back to your goals before you chase those shiny objects. You got this.




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