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May 23, 2022

TikTok has launched a new crediting tool + updates from Meta & Twitter!

Digital Updates

TikTok is keeping us on our toes this week with not one but TWO big updates. We are super excited about all these new tools and tests coming out this week, and Twitter and Meta have been bringing the heat with their own changes. Let’s dive right into each social media update!

TikTok has launched a brand new crediting tool

Image credit: TikTok

TikTok has officially launched its first crediting tools, which will prompt users to acknowledge those who have been an inspiration or the OG creator. You can credit everything from the sound to the video, acknowledging those who started the trend. To use the new feature, users will tap on a ‘video’ icon on the posting page where they can select a video they favourited, liked, posted, or used the same sound they are using.

The new credit tags will pop up as a mention in the caption, and the OG video creator will get an alert to say they have been tagged. We LOVE to see creators getting the credit they deserve, so sign us up!

Twitter is cracking down on misinformation in times of crisis

Twitter has announced it will be implementing a new policy to stop the spread of misinformation in times of crisis such as civil unrest, natural disasters, public health emergencies, and armed conflict. Essentially, the new policy means during these difficult times, Twitter will aim to hide any false or harmful tweets as quickly as possible. Any tweets identified as containing this false info will be flagged with a warning notice that users need to click through to continue reading. Warnings will be present on posts that include false reporting, false allegations of use of force, and more.

Meta has announced reoccurring Messenger notifications for businesses

Image credit: Meta

In a really exciting update from Meta, businesses will now be able to send reoccurring notifications/messages through Messenger to customers! Users will need to opt-in to receive the notification, and the prompts are super up-front about how often users will hear from the businesses. If you are a biz owner, you’ll be able to send basically whatever you want, from sales to big biz updates, BUT you need to choose a frequency from daily to monthly. It’s only early days, but this update could be great for small biz; we are excited to see where it goes!

TikTok might be able to get even more addictive

It has been reported that TikTok is testing out mini, in-app games with users in Vietnam! Reports say that the games will be super simple and might remind you of the type of games we used to see on Facebook a few years ago. There’s no word about a worldwide rollout at this stage (sigh), but if this does come to everyone, it gives some amazing opportunities for users, creators and brands. Like we need another reason to scroll TikTok all day (but we’ll take it!).

That’s it for this week’s digital updates! TikTok is making some serious waves (again) so let’s keep an eye on it together! We’ll be watching closely, and as usual, we’ll be back next week to share the next exciting social media update!



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