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Instagram tests new ‘following’ tab + 3 more epic updates

Digital Updates

May 16, 2022


There’s been a lot of testing happening this week. From Instagram’s following tab to LinkedIn’s algorithm, our go-to social media platforms have been very busy. Let’s take a peek at the big changes and what they mean for you and your biz.

Instagram is testing out a ‘following’ tab in Reels

Image credit: @salman_memon_7

Users in India have noticed a new tab in their main Reels feed! Instagram is testing out a ‘following’ tab that users can switch to and see the latest Reels from their followers. It is only in the testing phase at the moment, but the new change would provide another way to see the videos you love.

TikTok has launched an interactive insights platform

We’ve got a much easier way to get insights on our TikTok videos! TikTok has released a new platform that provides heaps of filters to really drill down into your audience and learn more about them. You can use a massive range of tools, including location, date, industry, and demographics. For example, you could see key info from your audience over EOFY.

LinkedIn is cracking down on engagement baiting

If your LinkedIn strategy relies on using reactions as votes or posting a lot of polls, it may be time to rethink it. LinkedIn has announced that they are going to ‘downrank’ engagement baiting posts such as the ones previously mentioned, per feedback they have received from their users.

These types of posts do boost your engagement, but LinkedIn is seemingly not happy about it, so we will have to see where they take it from here.

Instagram is testing NFT display options

Instagram has officially started testing its NFT display options! From the testing, it looks like users will be able to display their NFTs in Insta Stories, DM’s, and on the main IG feed. As you can see in the example above, there will also be ‘digital collectible’ tags included. Instagram will also include a brand new NFT tab and a verification tick to show approved NFTs. This is a big announcement, it will be SO interesting to see how these develop.

That’s a wrap on this week! There have been some BIG updates this week, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on each of these to see how they go from testing to reality (and if they all even do!).


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