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LinkedIn’s sharing its algorithm + 3 more amazing digital updates

Digital Updates

May 30, 2022


Some of the major platforms are sharing their inside goss with us! We are SO excited about these digital updates and of course, we’ve had more news from Meta as well. With algorithm sneak peeks and new Instagram tests, there’s a lot to get into, so let’s dive in!

Instagram is testing out a video reaction tool

Have you ever wanted to immediately react to a Reel you’ve just seen? Share how much you love the video or add your thoughts to it? Well, you might be in luck. Some users have spotted a new tool on their Reels feed that allows you to record and share a video reaction to the Reel you choose! You’ll be prompted if you go to share the Reel to ‘create a reaction video’. It is only in testing at the moment but could be a great way to get people using Reels who otherwise don’t.

LinkedIn has shared some insight into its algorithm

Getting the inside scoop on what makes a social media algorithm tick is something we all crave. LinkedIn has heard our pleas and is providing some insight into how its algorithm and platform work. In a series of ongoing blog posts and videos, they will answer burning questions on users’ minds including what conversations are welcomed on LinkedIn and how the algorithm works. So far they’ve answered a couple of questions and the key takeaways are:

  • LinkedIn welcomes authentic conversations that make people feel connected to their community. For example, people using the platform to communicate their experiences working from home without engagement baiting.
  • LinkedIn has stated that being professional on LinkedIn includes your professional and personal growth. You can talk about personal achievements as they are very likely linked to how you’ve grown professionally. The important thing to remember is LinkedIn doesn’t want the updates you’d potentially use every day on Instagram and Facebook, but they do want to see your career growth and the conversations that come with these milestones like imposter syndrome.
Image Credit: LinkedIn

Google has started their latest core search update

Yep, Google is making another update. Google makes regular updates to their system and algorithms but recently they announced they are undertaking their latest core update which may affect your website’s search rankings. The update takes about 2 weeks to fully roll out but Google has stated that some sites may experience drops or gains in their search rankings. They have stressed that pages that see drops aren’t doing anything wrong nor have they breached any guidelines. The core update changes are about improving how Google’s systems assess content. So, if you notice any drops or gains, don’t panic; this is likely why.

Meta is adding more information to its Ad Library

Meta has recently announced that it will be adding more information to its transparency features that allow users to see what ads pages are running. Right now you can see if a page is running an ad along with some other key details, but now you will be able to see if they use any sensitive targeting options such as social issues or politics. This is a big step in transparency from Meta, it will provide users with a much deeper insight into the ads they see!

Image Credit: Meta

That’s it for this week’s digital updates! We’ll be watching closely, and as usual, we’ll be back next week to share the next exciting digital updates!



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