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The Top Google searches of 2022 + 4 more epic updates

Digital Updates

November 28, 2022


We are back with our latest round of digital updates, and TikTok has dropped some major gems (the algorithm is being explained). Google has dropped in with the top Google searches of 2022, which is BEYOND useful for your marketing plan. Let’s get into it!

The Ultimate Gift Idea List + 2022’s Top Google Searches

Google has released their Top 100 Gift Ideas based on the trending searches of this year. The top results were split into 6 categories which include Home & Garden, Apparel & Accessories, Gaming & Electronics, Beauty, Toys & Crafts, and Health & Fitness. This provides some really good insight into what people are looking for and if it’s in your niche, jump on it!

YouTube’s amazing shopper insights

YouTube has shared some great insights into the way people shop today. The 3 big insights include shoppers value honest, reliable information the most, Gen Z shoppers prefer trusted brands over trends, and when people trust platforms, they trust the brands on them. These are some incredibly useful insights into how you can gain the trust of shoppers.

LinkedIn scheduling is coming soon!

Native scheduling is on the way! While it isn’t available for everyone just yet, many users have reported seeing the option to schedule a LinkedIn post for later while using the website or mobile app. If you want to check if you have it, you’ll see a clock icon beside the post button when drafting a post.

The 411 on TikTok’s algorithm

We’ve got all the deets on boosting your TikTok SEO strategy. HubSpot has explained in an amazing article that we had to share with you that TikTok’s algorithm uses a lot of different signals to put videos in your FYP. This includes video information (e.g. caption keywords, effects, sounds), user interaction, and device settings. To improve your TikTok strategy, check out these top tips:

  • Perform a keyword search- keywords are crucial for your video to be seen by the right audience. The text you put on the screen and in the caption will be a huge part in how your video gets seen.
  • Create a hashtag strategy- hashtags on TikTok are not the same as Instagram. TikTok hashtags categorise content on the app, so putting a lot of random ones will only confuse the algorithm.
  • PRO TIPS: make sure to check out how your keywords are being used in the app, and always include the hashtag of a trend or sound in your caption.

TikTok’s Audience Insights tool for 2023

TikTok is rolling out a new Audience Insights tool! The new tool can help you gain super valuable insights into your audience, such as seeing the key demographics of your audience and splitting the details into categories. You can also make an informed content plan by checking out your top hashtags!

And there you have it! What did you think of these updates? The lowdown of the TikTok algorithm has got to be our favourite. Until next time…



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