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Instagram’s new messaging feature + 7 more amazing updates from this week

Digital Updates

November 21, 2022


We are back with our latest round of digital updates, and there are some great ones in here! Instagram’s post message button is a personal fave of ours (you’ll see why), but between the Google Analytics 4 updates to LinkedIn’s handy AF ads overview, each of the major platforms has been dropping gold this week!

Instagram’s new messaging feature

Instagram is testing the option to add a message button to your post! This is super exciting as it will let your audience message you directly from seeing your post in their feed. This could be great for getting contacted by customers and not losing their attention in the scroll.

Facebook’s change to group moderators

This is a feature to make sure you turn off if you don’t want it. Facebook has added the option to let group members assign themselves as Group Moderators. If you don’t want this, make sure when the notification pops up that you don’t activate it OR turn it off if it is activated.

The latest update to Facebook Ads

Meta has added a whole heap of new ad features! From new audio for carousel ads on reels to loop ads that run after reels, there is a lot going on. Messenger ads are getting an upgrade with a new option for advertisers to run Click to Messenger ads to people who are more likely to make a purchase.

GA4 is getting some really useful upgrades

GA4 has been given an upgrade which is designed to make the jump from UA to GA4 easier. Google has announced both a new step-by-step guide for the transition and a set-up assistant to help users. A new home page is on the way that will show you key trends in your data, which could be very helpful!

LinkedIn’s new guide ad guide is a must-read

LinkedIn has released a helpful overview of its ad features! The overview gives you all the details you need to start running LinkedIn ads. From the specs to how you can use each ad type, we’d highly recommend reading this one!

TikTok’s top categories for 2022

TikTok has released its 2022 ‘Discover List’, which has some useful info for brands. The top creators were separated into different categories, such as:

  • Changemakers- Advocates for change, driving social impact through their clips
  • Foodies- Creative chefs and home cooks taking new approaches to culinary experimentation
  • Icons- The emerging leaders of key trends and culture in the app
  • Innovators- People using creative formats and ideas to push things forward in the app
  • Originators- Creators who’ve started viral dances, sounds, aesthetics and more

These categories provide some great insight into what’s working on TikTok.

The new look TikTok feed

Have you seen TikTok’s latest test? Some users have spotted a three-feed design on TikTok that consists of Friends, Following & For You. We’ll be interested to see if this becomes permanent and how it’s used!

All of Instagram’s latest tests

Instagram is testing a HEAP of new features, such as :

And there you have it! What did you think of these updates? Are you excited about the message button like us? Until next time…



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