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Instagram’s BeReal style tests + more updates you need to see

Digital Updates

December 5, 2022


It is somehow early December already, and the big platforms are not slowing down with their updates. From Klavyio’s newest features to Instagram’s latest attempt to copy BeReal, there are some gems that you need to see. Let’s get into it!

Instagram is testing some “new” features

Instagram is still jumping on the BeReal bandwagon, with some new tests spotted that share some similar features. Instagram is reportedly testing two new features: Glimpse Stories and Rollcall. Glimpse stories have you use the front and back camera to share what you are doing. While Rollcall is used in group chats to prompt users to share a photo to the chat within 5 minutes. Instagram, BeReal, they are blending together!

LinkedIn’s early Christmas gift

LinkedIn has announced a bunch of new features for Company pages, such as:

  • SEO updates to newsletters, such as SEO titles and tags
  • Updates to the competitor’s analytics so you can track their follower growth and engagement rates
  • Ad targeting updates so you can allocate members into groups based on shared traits

Klavyio’s newest features have dropped

Klavyio has announced some new features that are super useful! They’ve released a new AI-powered SMS assistant, which will give you examples of copy you can use, a simpler system for subscriber preferences, and an integration with Litmus which lets you test your email for optimisation!

And that’s a wrap! We’ll be dropping in with one more digital update blog before Christmas time so stay tuned for your last update of 2022! Until then…



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