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The LinkedIn courses you can do for free + 3 more amazing updates

Digital Updates

August 8, 2022


LinkedIn is coming in strong this week with some major changes and FREEBIES on offer for its users. We’ve seen some very exciting changes over this past week that we think any small business owner needs to see.

Image credit: Meta

Meta’s brand new chatbot is here

Unhelpful chatbots might soon be a thing of the past. Meta has announced the release of BlenderBot 3, which can engage with us in a much more natural way (and maybe even understand what we want?). If it works well, this could be super helpful for brands! The chatbot is designed to learn from every interaction and give more prompts than past versions. What do you think?

LinkedIn’s newest feature is very helpful

LinkedIn is adding a link sticker option! Similar to the links you can add on Instagram Stories, you can now add an external link to your LinkedIn posts! It could be great for driving website traffic from your posts; just one thing to remember: you can only add the link when you use the mobile app!

NFTs are coming to your screen

NFTs are coming to more regions! The NFT display option is being added to 100 more countries on Instagram. The display will be the same, but it will allow a whole heap of more users to display their NFTs. With the popularity of NFTs fluctuating recently, this could be just the push they need to come back to their peak.

Learn from LinkedIn for FREE

LinkedIn is giving away its best courses for free! Until the end of August, you can access LinkedIn’s top 20 courses for FREE. If you’ve been thinking about doing some upskilling, now is the time. You can learn everything from digital marketing basics to Excel essentials. We’d highly recommend jumping on this while you can and taking advantage of this great offer, as LinkedIn courses often have some amazing info in them for small biz owners.

That’s all for this week! LinkedIn’s free courses are one we are super excited about and will definitely be jumping on ASAP. With all the changes happening across the big platforms lately, we’re sure we will have some big updates for you again next week! Until next time…



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