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Instagram in-app scheduling is on its way + 3 updates it’s time you saw

Digital Updates

August 15, 2022


Instagram is back at it with the tests and updates coming in strong, with two HUGE updates this past week alone. From new location features to the much anticipated in-app scheduling, we might be about to see some big Insta changes once again.

Your LinkedIn feed might be about to change

LinkedIn is testing a new way to organise their feed! LinkedIn is testing a ‘Discover’ feed that will use the algorithm to recommend content you may be interested in. The new ‘Discover’ feed will push videos, events, and newsletters they think you want to see. Given their record levels of engagement, this could be a great test, but as we know from other platforms (*cough* Instagram *cough*), it doesn’t always go according to plan. LinkedIn is a different platform, though with a different algorithm and audience, so let’s not judge too quickly; this may end up being a great way to split your feed.

Instagram is testing a new location tool

Instagram’s latest test will feel a little familiar if you are a BeReal user. Instagram is testing a tool that will let you add a QR code to your post that others can scan and see where you are on a map. The test is in the early days, but location-sharing tools always pose challenges, so we’ll have to wait and see for more info.

Pinterest is updating Idea Pins to include a great new feature

We are LOVING this new Pinterest feature! It’s not available to everyone yet (sad face), but Pinterest has launched a Board Sticker that you can add to your Idea Pins. It’ll click straight through to your chosen board and hopefully drive a lot more traffic! We love this new tool as it’s super simple but has the potential to be incredibly effective.

In-app scheduling is finally on its way

It looks like a handy new Instagram tool is on its way! Rumour has it Instagram is testing an in-app scheduling tool. From what we can see so far, you’ll be able to schedule content a minimum of 20 minutes ahead and the furthest 75 days (sign us up for this one!). We are so excited about this as it includes REELS AND STORIES, so when you’ve drafted up that amazing Reel, you’ll be able to set it and forget it.

So, what do you think? There are some amazing new updates here and some that we’ll have to watch and wait on a little longer. Until next time…



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