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The Latest from the minds that brought you Instagram + LinkedIn Newsletter Updates

Digital Updates

February 6, 2023


Hey there squad, boy do we have some updates for you! This week Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter are all dropping some exciting new features and updates. If you love Instagram, you’re in for a treat! The minds behind Instagram have just announced their latest creation. PLUS, LinkedIn newsletter updates will change the game. Not to mention Twitter and TikTok have released some must-see updates. Check them out below!

‘Artifact’ is the newest creation of the minds behind Instagram

The founders of Instagram are back with a brand new app! ‘Artifact’ is a news app designed to give you a personalised experience with the power of AI.

It’ll base your feed on your interests and engagement (a bit like TikTok). Interested? Keep an eye out; it’s coming soon!

LinkedIn is Updating Newsletters

Been considering setting up a LinkedIn newsletter? Check out these new features!

LinkedIn is launching heaps of new features for newsletters, including one-click subscribe URLs, newsletters will show up under creators’ names, and scheduling is coming soon!

TikTok is Cracking Down on Repeated Offenders

Heads up: TikTok is bringing in a strict new strike policy for repeat community guidelines violations!

Users who repeatedly breach guidelines will be hit with strikes from TikTok. Get too many, and you’re out. The thresholds will vary depending on the potential to cause harm that the breach has.

Boost Your Tweets in One Simple Step

It looks like Twitter is testing a new option to boost tweets!

While it isn’t confirmed just yet, it looks like Twitter have released a simpler way to boost a tweet without having to set up a whole ad campaign. Directly from your tweet, you can select a budget and boost; super simple!

As always, we’re ready to hear your opinions on the latest updates. We wanna know which updates have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. And hold on tight because next week, we’re diving into even more updates of all the exciting things happening in the digital world.



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