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Hayley Peters

Instagram, TikTok, Google, and Meta Unveil Epic New Features and Updates!

Digital Updates

February 13, 2023


Hey squad, get ready for some epic updates cos’ all our fave platforms are dropping some exciting new features and updates this week. If you love Instagram, you’re in for a treat! They have just announced multiple tests and updates that’ll make your experience more enjoyable. PLUS, TikTok has just launched a new Ad Portal that’s going to take advertising to a whole new level. But wait, there’s more! Google and Bing are rolling out some amazing new AI technology that will blow your mind. And if that’s not enough, Meta and Google have released some updates that you absolutely can’t miss! So, let’s get straight into the juicy deets!

Instagram’s Latest Tests: Relive Memories, Reward Followers, and Zooming on Stories

IG is on fire this week with some new tests and we’re here for it!

Get ready to feel the nostalgia as IG is testing a new “Memories” feature that will prompt you to revisit your old content. Plus, get ready to treat your loyal followers with exclusive Reels that only they can see. You’ll also be able to zoom in on Stories, so make sure to check there’s nothing hiding in the background!

Credit: AlessandroPaluzzi

Adam Mosseri Answers your Burning Instagram Questions

Wondering why your posts aren’t reaching as many people as before? Adam Mosseri says it could be because your account is no longer “recommendable.” Don’t worry though, you can easily check this in the account status section of your settings.

As for clickable links in captions, unfortunately, it’s not happening anytime soon due to concerns about biases, spam, and abuse.

Get Ready for TikTok’s New Promote Ad Portal and FYP Hashtag Filters

TikTok is also taking things up a notch with some cool features.

Small biz and creators can get hyped for the Promote Ad Portal, which offers the ability to boost videos, target specific locations, and set new ad campaign goals. Plus, the FYP Hashtag Filters are coming in hot, giving users the power to curate their feeds with their favourite hashtags.

Meta’s New Comment Moderation Tools Provide Advanced Filtering and User Insights

Meta’s got exciting news for creators – they’re launching brand new comment moderation tools! These tools allow creators to filter out spam, profanity, hate speech and provide detailed info about the commenter.

This new feature should make comment management a breeze and foster a more positive and safer community.

AI Race Heats Up: Bing’s Upgraded ChatGPT Aims to Outshine Google’s Bard

It’s an exciting time in the world of AI! Microsoft’s release of ChatGPT has sent shockwaves through the tech industry.

Now Google is racing to release Bard, their version of AI tech, while Bing is creating an upgraded version with the same AI tech behind ChatGPT. Bing’s new version can produce info on real-time news events and even comes with a dislike button.

Google Gives Green Light to AI-Generated Content

Good news if you’re using AI to automate some of your processes! Google has clarified that AI-generated content is not against search guidelines and is totally cool as long as it’s helpful and unique for users.

While there are still challenges facing credibility and originality, we can certainly see more companies adopting AI tech.

Google’s New Feature Combines Text and Images for Better Results

Say goodbye to dull and boring search results and hello to an exciting new way of finding the info you need cos’ Google is rolling out a new feature called ‘Multisearch’ to its global audience.

Using AI, Multisearch lets you search for text and images together in a single query, delivering results that are relevant and visually appealing.

We’re looking forward to hearing your opinions on the latest updates. We wanna know which updates have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. And hold on tight because next week, we’re diving into even more updates of all the exciting things happening in the digital world.



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