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Hayley Peters

Polly Pocket Story Guide

December 15, 2023


Would you rather wear blue mascara for the rest of your life than show up on Stories?

You’ve heard you need to show up on Stories to build a connection with your audience, you see your competitors doing it, but you still feel scared AF to get on video and speak.
Believe it or not, we felt exactly the same way a few years ago (yes, really!) but over time we’ve practiced our skills and now we’re able to connect with our followers and drive enquiries with ease.
This guide will teach you exactly how we do it, and help you show up in a way that feels natural to you!
It is jam-packed full of ideas, strategies and tips we’re sharing straight out of our Secret Diary. You’ll never struggle to show up on socials again. We PROMISE.

So what’s inside this Polly Pocket Guide?

  • Story Strategy (posting with purpose)
  • Hot tips to help you┬áplan ahead┬áand keep you super organised
  • Common┬ámistakes to avoid
  • ALL the tips on how to┬ákeep you consistent
  • 15+ ways you can show up┬á(and only a couple involve showing your face)


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