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Hayley Peters

Hooks Cheat Sheet

December 15, 2023


Never struggle to capture your audiences attention again…

Have you ever found yourself completely drawn in to either a video or a social caption to the point where you’ve completely stopped your scroll and it’s made you think?

Well, odds are that it grabbed your attention with a killer hook first.


We’re giving you access to our very own internal Google Sheet that we use (and get killer results 😉) for our clients. And you can come back and check it when you need fresh ideas. PLUS a little breakdown on how to write the perfect caption, so you know exactly how to use your new killer hooks.


What’s inside?

Through this guide, we’ll walk you through:
  • An explanation and example of how to write effective promotional captions.
  • More than 70 effective hooks you can copy and paste into your captions or video content.
  • Examples of how these have been used IRL so you can get a little inspo.
  • A regularly updated Google Sheet – that’s used and updated regularly by our internal team.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to reel your audience in.


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