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Hayley Peters

Call-To-Action Cheat Sheet

December 15, 2023


Buy now! Contact us! Call today!

Is anyone else yawning right now or is that just us?

We know that if we want our ideal customer to take action online, we need to ask them…

But how can we do that without giving ourselves that “icky” feeling, or boring our customers to tears?

There are 3 main steps to selling through social media.

#1 Make people want your offer

#2 Tell people how they can take you up on this offer

#3 Make it as easy as possible for them to take action

Most people nail step one just by having a great product or service in the first place, showcasing it beautifully in their content, and building relationships with their audience to gain trust and add lots of value.

But step 2 & 3? These are the steps that are often forgotten!

If either of these things are overlooked, then you’re missing out on sales!

So, this is exactly what we’re equipping you with 50+ CTAs for Captions that Sell.

You’ll get 50+ Call To Action statements across a whole range of goals that you can copy and paste into your captions.

This is followed by a guide to make sure taking action is EASY for your customers, because there’s nothing worse than having a customer who is ready to buy, but can’t because it’s too hard.

Ready to learn our tricks of the trade?

Make it yours now and start putting this guide into action. These tips are so effective (tried and tested by us) and most only take a couple of minutes to put in place!

What’s inside?

Through this guide, we’ll walk you through:
  • An explanation and example of how to write effective promotional captions.
  • More than 50 call-to-action phrases you can copy and paste into your captions, organised by different business goals.
  • Eight different ideas you can use to make it easier for people to take action directly from social media – including a way to share links through Instagram Stories – without having 10k followers! Most of these can be actioned in minutes!


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