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Hayley Peters

Content Strategy Playbook

December 15, 2023


Growing your business through social media doesn’t need to be hard.


We’ve been working as social media managers for over 8 years now, and trust us, we’ve faced all the exact same challenges that you’re experiencing right now.

The only difference? Is that we’ve developed some strategies and frameworks to help us pump out epic posts that actually contribute to real business results!

And now we’re sharing them with you.


If you’re…

  • Always deciding what to post at the last minute
  • Posting inconsistently
  • Feeling like you’re always pulling ideas from thin air
  • Lacking a plan to convert followers into customers
  • Not getting results from social media…
Then this bad boy is for you!
There’s a reason that pumping out effective social media posts is easy for us, and it’s not because we were born with it.

It’s just because we have the right tools and systems to make it a breeze!

We’ll be answering questions like:


  • How do I sell on social media – without feeling ‘salesy’?
  • How do I share behind the scenes of my business – without getting TOO personal?
  • When is the best time to post?
  • How can I stay ahead of breaking news and be the first to share it?
  • How can I write better captions, and create better images?
  • Where do I find my social media results – and which ones actually matter?

This Content Strategy Playbook includes:


  • checklist to ensure you’re posting with purpose.
  • breakdown of our core content pillars, with examples.
  • A template and guidance to define your very own content pillars – so you’ll always know what to post.
  • A template and guide to develop your own content schedule based on your best times to post, what your audience likes, and what competitors are up to.
  • A guide and template to help you plan your content in advance and banish last-minute posting.
  • 5 sources and 18 content prompts to brainstorm endless unique post ideas.
  • Social media do’s & don’ts for failsafe image choices and caption writing.
  • A guide to save oodles of time and effort by repurposing your posts.
  • Tips to maintain your branding and be recognised across your content, plus a brand bible template.
  • The 3 main tools we use to make scroll-stopping images and videos.
  • How to schedule your content ahead to be more strategic while saving time (and stress).
  • How to make social media part of your wider marketing funnel – and turn followers into customers!
  • How to measure your results including a breakdown of key metrics to track, what they mean and where to find them.


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