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Pinterest & Instagram’s 2023 trend reports + the big changes you need to know

Digital Updates

December 12, 2022


Welcome to the final digital update round-up of 2022! All of our favourite platforms are finishing the year strong with 2023 trend reports (some super interesting insights in these!), tests that will be the new BFF for biz owners, and advertising updates that are long overdue. Let’s get into it!

Meta’s guide into consumer behaviour

Meta has released a guide on the key factors that influence the decisions of consumers. According to the report, the top 3 influences are video, social commerce and recommendations. The full report dives into the ins and outs of this info, but it is a very interesting read!

Instagram’s latest test looks very promising

Instagram is testing DM labels for business accounts! Instagram is testing five labels that you can add to a DM in your business account: Flag, Booked, Ordered, Paid, and Shipped. These could be very handy for small biz owners; it’s a great way to keep track of your customer DMs!

The big changes to lead forms

Meta is making some big changes to lead forms for Facebook ads! The new update (which is rolling out right now) will allow advertisers to add product imagery, testimonials, and product benefits to their lead forms. This is a great update that could really help drive your lead generation!

Will we ever get links in Instagram posts?

Do you wish you could add links to your Instagram post? Mosseri has something to say about it. In a recent Ask Me Anything session Adam Mosseri confirmed that they are not focusing on links in posts as they think it would change Instagram and not for the better.

LinkedIn’s newest ad updates

LinkedIn has released some new privacy-friendly ad targeting options. Some of the changes include expanding Group Identity targeting to all ad types, an updated conversions API, and ‘on-device experimentation’ for A/B testing tools.

You can now target your Instagram Followers in ads

We are super excited about this update. It’ll help bring your organic and paid marketing together. Meta is releasing the ability to target your Instagram followers in Facebook and Instagram ads. You’ll be able to set the ads to target people who follow your business account.

Pinterest’s 2023 trend report has landed

Pinterest has released its ‘Pinterest Predicts’ overview that looks at what trends will be big in 2023. Split into four categories (Fashion, Home, Celebration, and Wellbeing), some of the trends include ‘airy styles fashion’, ‘hipstoric’ home decor, pool parties for dogs, and the postpartum period will be a focus for new parents.

Instagram’s biggest predictions for 2023

The 2023 Instagram trend report is here! Instagram has released a deep dive into what they think will be the big trends in 2023. With a focus on Gen Z, the report states that sustainability will be front of mind for these consumers, as well as causes such as climate change and the rising cost of living. Click the heading to see more.

And that’s a wrap! What did you think of the 2023 trend reports? Do you think these will be the next big things? Thank you so much for reading and following along this year. We’ve absolutely loved sharing our favourite updates with you. We will be back in the new year to continue sharing the biggest updates that you need to see but until then…



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