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4 amazing official Reels updates + 3 more epic digital updates

Digital Updates

June 7, 2022


We are going to dive right into it this week because Instagram released HEAPS of official updates that are coming to Reels! Some we’ve seen in testing and others are brand new, so let’s take a look!

Meta has announced a heap of updates to Reels

Image credit: Meta

WOOHOO! Users will see the changes across Instagram and Facebook Reels. You can now film 90 second Instagram Reels, add stickers from Stories to your Reels, use the widely anticipated Reels Templates, and a ‘Sound Sync’ tool that lets you sync your video clips to the beat of the audio you use! We are literally so excited about these! The updates are rolling out as we speak and it is expected that it will take a few weeks before all users have access to all the updates (so keep your eyes peeled!). P.S check out our Insta post here for all the deets on these updates.

Instagram is testing out a profile image expansion tool

Instagram is testing a new option to expand users’ profile photos! Say goodbye to squinting and trying to figure out if this is someone you know or not; with the expanded profile picture, you’ll have a much better picture (get it?). It is only in testing right now, but fingers crossed this one soon becomes a reality for all of us!

TikTok is testing a ‘clear mode’

TikTok is testing out a new ‘clear mode’! Some users have spotted this new tool which plays TikTok videos without the app functions and captions on the screen. We’ve all tried to read text or see part of a video that’s been blocked by these elements, so this could be a very cool update!

Meta has added a new feature to Messenger

Image credit: Meta

If you use Messenger for phone calls, this one is for you. Meta has added a ‘Calls’ tab to Messenger. It sits on the lower function bar alongside the options we are used to seeing, like ‘Chats’ and ‘Stories’. Another great way to communicate with your biz community and customers!

And that’s a wrap everybody! Some seriously epic digital updates this week; we love a good reels update. Stayed tuned for more and as always we’ll be back again next week.



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