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Instagram’s pin to profile feature is here + 3 more social media updates


June 13, 2022


Instagram is not letting up with its updates lately! After the HUGE Reels updates we got last week, we now have another OFFICIAL tool update that will become a go-to for every biz owner using Instagram. And this is all not mentioning the epic updates coming from LinkedIn as well! Let’s check out these Instagram updates (and the TikTok and LinkedIn updates that happened this week!).

Instagram’s pin to profile feature is here

We’ve been waiting for this one for AGES. Instagram’s pin to profile feature is officially live! It has been testing for a while now, but users can now pick 3 posts to pin to the top of their profile grid. You’ll be able to pin both posts and Reels. Pin your most important posts to the top of your feed for people to see straight away!

Image credit: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s new feature lets you show off your experience

LinkedIn is launching a new product listing tool! Users will be able to edit their ‘Experience’ section on their profiles to include products that they worked on during their employment. You’ll be able to showcase any work you contributed! (how great is that?!).

Image credit: TikTok

TikTok is bringing in take a break reminders

We need this one in our life. TikTok is adding new time tracking tools! If you find yourself endlessly scrolling TikTok (like literally all of us), you’ll now be able to set up ‘scheduled breaks’ which pop up and remind you to take a break from scrolling for a while. They are also bringing in break reminders for teenage viewers, but these are not opt-in; they will pop in the feeds of all young users.

LinkedIn is making managing your page a lot easier

LinkedIn is launching its ‘business manager platform’! This dashboard gives users one place to manage multiple pages and accounts, who can access these pages and what they can do. It will be super handy for keeping everything organised, especially if you work with multiple pages and accounts. Having everything in one place will hopefully help way more people to spend more time connecting on LinkedIn rather than trying to manage all the back end.

And that’s a wrap! We can’t wait to see these features comes to the screens of all users, and as usual, we’ll be back next week with any new Instagram updates and more!



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