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In November, Instagram knocked it out of the park with updates. They have released so many and they are some serious gems in there. Not to be outdone, TikTok has released a great tool for creatives but a not so great update to the FYP (you’ll see what we mean).

10 Huge November Digital Updates You Need to See

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Product Tags In Reels Are Here + 3 More Updates You Need To Know

Get in losers!!! We’re going Reel shopping through Instagram’s new product tags tool. This week we break down the key insights you might have missed in between your BeReal updates. Shop Through Reels And just like that… we can live, laugh and shop. Instagram has just rolled out a new feature that allows creators to […]


Instagram’s pin to profile feature is here + 3 more social media updates

Instagram is not letting up with its updates lately! After the HUGE Reels updates we got last week, we now have another OFFICIAL tool update that will become a go-to for every biz owner using Instagram. And this is all not mentioning the epic updates coming from LinkedIn as well! Let’s check out these Instagram […]


Our Secret to Keeping on Top of Industry Updates

Being a Social Media Manager isn’t all about posting content and writing witty captions (we wish!). There’s also a whole HEAP of new updates in the industry and it’s up to us to stay across them. Other than following us on Instagram 😉 we’ve put together some of our top tips to keep you well […]

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Parting like it’s 1999

Last December we finally got to live out a big biz goal of ours… We hired out The Pink Bungalow and The Little White House for an epic end of year retreat! We just LOVE what Nicola from She Creates Co has done with these spaces. Joined by a few of our biz besties, we […]


Oh hello, welcome to our first blog!

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for our very first blog. You might know us as the punny gals with the colourful and fun Instagram @ohmydigital. We aim to provide small to medium businesses with educational, inspiring and motivational content that makes you go ahhh! We originally met working together in a busy digital marketing team. […]

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