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Hayley Peters

Instagram’s Navigation is Changing + 5 Other Hot New Updates

Digital Updates

January 16, 2023


There is a lot of buzz in the social media space this week, and a lot of it directly relates to Meta, TikTok and Instagram. We’re starting off strong with some exciting news for the Instagram fans: the navigation bar is changing and it’ll make your life so much easier. We’ve also got the 101 on Meta’s updates our biz owner besties will love (and others not so much), the copyright infringement warning you’ll wish you heard sooner and the social media app that’s taken in-app revenue by storm. Let’s get into it!

Instagram’s navigation bar is changing

Instagram’s navigation bar is receiving a mini makeover!

Starting in February, the navigation bar at the bottom will now have the shortcut for creating content in the centre and Reels to the right. The shop tab will be removed, but don’t worry, users can still access all their favourite shops through Discover or other channels on Instagram.

Meta farewells its Creator Studio Page Management App

Meta’s Creative Studio will soon be no more, with users being pushed across to Meta’s Business Suite.

Business Suite is a Page management app, which has more features and elements, including scheduling and messaging features, top-performing post examples from Pages similar to yours, along with A/B testing tools and tags.

Meta’s new targeted ad restrictions for teens

In the wake of a Youth Safety and Well-Being Summit, Meta will remove gender as an option for advertisers to reach teens, and will also remove in-app engagement.

Meta says it will only use age and location to show ads to teens, because they aren’t equipped to make decisions about how their data is used.

Metas solution for reducing algorithmic bias in its advertising

Meta is rolling out a new machine-learning solution to reduce algorithmic bias in its advertising.

This comes as Meta is under fire for its algorithmic bias and discriminatory ad delivery on its platforms. They are now subject to ongoing compliance reviews from Guidehouse, a third party.

Music labels are cracking down on unlicensed music

Two firms are under hot water for copyright infringements for using music in their TikToks and Reels.

To avoid penalties, the safest way is to use TikTok’s commercial music library, but it may not include the perfect tune. If you need something a little more special, you need to obtain permission from the copyright holder or dial up your favourite lawyer to start negotiating with a music label.

The social media app that generated the most in app-revenue in 2022’s annual social media overview reveals TikTok generated the most in-app revenue of any social app in 2022.

TikTok appears to be sitting on the biggest opportunity, based on both the time and money being spent in-app. More users are also buying in-app currency, which can be donated to Creators or for purchasing items in live streams.

As always, let us know how you found these updates and if any of them stood out. Head on back next week as we discuss more unmissable digital updates you won’t want to miss.



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