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Hayley Peters

Instagram’s Channels Feature Plus Epic Meta, and Pinterest Updates are Here!

Digital Updates

February 20, 2023


Get ready to buckle up for the next round of digital updates! Our all-time favourite platforms are dropping some exciting updates and features this week that you won’t want to miss. Brace yourself because Instagram’s new channels feature is set to make keeping up with your fave accounts an absolute breeze. And, that’s not all! Meta is rolling out paid verification with some exclusive benefits and also helping users to get a better grip on ad targeting. Oh, and let’s not forget about Pinterest because they’re joining the short-form video craze with a fresh 5-minute video update! Are you excited? Let’s dive into it!

Instagram’s Channels Feature is your Ultimate Ticket to Keeping Up with the Cool Kids and Brands

Stay up to date with your fave brands, topics and people with Instagram’s new Channels feature. By joining a channel, you’ll be added to an IG Direct chat list, where you can stay informed and react to messages, but you won’t be able to start conversations yourself.

Instagram’s Channels feature aims to enhance engagement and offer new ways to connect with audiences.

Credit: SocialMediaToday

Instagram Puts Live Stream Shopping Feature to Rest

Instagram is removing its Live Stream Shopping feature, which let businesses and creators sell products to viewers during live streams.

The feature was huge in Asian markets but didn’t catch on as well as expected in Western markets. Instagram plans to shift its focus to other shopping tools instead.

Meta’s Latest Updates puts Users in the Driver’s Seat for Better Ad Transparency and Control!

Meta has just revealed some updates to its ad targeting capabilities, promising users more transparency and control over why they’re seeing ads.

You’ll soon be able to gain an even deeper understanding of why ads are being targeted to you, and advertisers will have access to more detailed data to help them create content that truly speaks to their target audience.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Get Ready to Enjoy Exclusive Perks and Benefits with Paid Verification

Say goodbye to the hassle of account verification with Paid Verification – a brand-new subscription service that confirms your account’s authenticity for a fee. Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy access to exclusive features and benefits.

Keep an eye out for this exciting new feature, coming soon to Australia and New Zealand!

Source: MarkZuckerberg

Stand Out in the World of Short-Form Video with 5-Minute Videos

Pinterest just levelled up their Idea Pins game by rolling out a new feature that lets creators upload videos up to 5 minutes long!

This means users can now showcase their creativity with even more flexibility, and tap into the ever-growing love for short-form video on social media.

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the latest updates and discover which ones have caught your attention! Keep an eye out because next week, we’ll be exploring even more exciting digital updates that you won’t want to miss.



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