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Hayley Peters

How the TikTok algorithm works

Social Media

May 11, 2022


Ready to learn all about the mysterious TikTok algorithm and why it’s quickly dominating all other social media platforms? Here’s exactly how it works and how YOU can benefit from it!

The TikTok algorithm

It seems everyone has a chance to go viral on TikTok. This is because of the way the app’s algorithm works. As TikTok explained: “neither follower count nor whether the account had previous high-performing videos are direct factors in the recommendation system.”

So even if you only have a handful of followers, or have never posted a TikTok before, there’s still a chance for your video to appear on the For You page!

How the algorithm works

There are three main ways the algorithm gathers information from users:

  1. User interactions: for example, videos you like or share, accounts you follow, comments you leave & content you create.
  2. Video info: this includes details like captions, sounds & hashtags.
  3. Device & account settings: like your language preference, country setting and device type.

Growing your audience on TikTok

Want to know how you can successfully utilise TikTok to land some new customers or get your brand’s content out there?

Here are some juicy tips for how to hack the algorithm and get on the for you page.

  1. Post consistently: the best hack to grow your TikTok account is to post consistently! The algorithm rewards consistency and this gives you the best chance to be seen. Try using a scheduling tool such as Later to plan your posts ahead of time, so you can set and forget.
  2. Experiment with TikTok Duets: these are a great way to increase engagement – the more duets your video gets, the wider net you cast.
  3. Embrace new features: find a space for your content on TikTok and adopt new features to gain visibility!
  4. Create content geared towards a high completion rate: essentially, post shorter videos! Viewers are more likely to stick around until the end if the video is shorter in length, which is a good signal to the algorithm.

Remember to keep in mind that people on TikTok are looking to be entertained – so as long as you create videos that are fun, engaging & super on brand – you’ll kill it!

We hope this is helpful! Please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram if you’d like us to cover more TikTok content – we’re here to help!

(P.s. We may earn a little commish when you sign up. As always, we only recommend things that we genuinely know and love X)


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