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The new Instagram updates for your biz + 8 Other Updates For Your Week

Digital Updates

October 4, 2022


This week Instagram is giving us features we aren’t sure we want but some insights we definitely want to know. From Google’s big changes to TikTok’s caption character count, there has been so much happening in the digital world with all these updates that we are just going to dive straight in!

The Big Instagram updates

We had so many Instagram updates this week that we decided to bring them all together here for you! We’ve had heaps of news come through, including:

  • Instagram is testing removing the shopping tab from home feeds
  • 9:16 images might be on the way, with Mosseri stating, “On Instagram, tall images are not allowed, but tall videos are permitted. Therefore, we reasoned that perhaps we ought to ensure that we treat both equally” (this could totally change the way you create your content!
  • A 23-page document on how brands can use Reels which is full of amazing tips, stats, and more to help you nail your Reels.
  • Last but most definitely not least, Stories under 60 seconds will no longer be broken into parts! This is pretty massive news, as it means you’ll need to create a hook that keeps your audience interested from the very start, so they don’t skip your entire story.

Google’s “SearchOn” event is back

Google’s latest ‘SearchOn’ event has given us heaps of handy info! From a new ‘shop the look’ feature to the expansion of its ‘multi search’ tool to more places, there is so much happening. One of our faves is the new ‘discussions & forums’ button which will show you forums related to what you searched! Overall, there are heaps of updates that will improve the ease of searching and, hopefully, the ability for your biz to be found on Google.

LinkedIn Company Pages are getting a makeover

Company Pages are getting some great new features! You might recognise some of these features from your personal page, but Company Pages can now use post templates and link stickers! On top of this, Company Pages can now pin comments on their posts (which could be very useful for engagement). We are super excited about these updates because not only will it make LinkedIn easier to use (templates are a blessing) but more interactive as well!

Meta has shared a handy new update

Meta is making it easier to switch between (and keep on top of) our Facebook and Instagram profiles! The new update lets you switch between your accounts and also see how many notifications you have waiting on the account. It’s small but useful, especially if you have multiple pages across each platform that you are trying to keep track of!

You can down downvote a comment on TikTok

You’ll soon be able to make your opinion on a TikTok comment very clear. TikTok has announced that all users will now have access to the new ‘downvoting’ feature on comments. It sits on the far right side next to the thumbs-up option and will be displayed as a thumbs-down. It’s a good way to call out inappropriate behaviour on the app that, hopefully, TikTok will take action on.

TikTok’s massive character increase

This is BIG! TikTok is expanding its video description character limit to 2,200 characters! A massive increase from the previous 300 characters gives way more room to work with. You’ll be able to give more background to the video, some behind-the-scenes info, and anything else you’ve been wanting to share!

And Just Like That… we’re all wrapped up for the week. Tune in next week for another round of exciting social media updates.



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