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The Meta Verse Update + 5 Other Mega Updates For Your Week

Digital Updates

September 26, 2022


This week Meta is reaching out to its biggest fans by giving groupies greater access to their stars. We also countdown TikTok’s political stance, IG’s new button feature, new holiday how-to guides for IG and much more. Scroll down to read the body Adam Levine is calling absurd.

The Meta Update

Meta is making changes to Facebook to highlight all things Creator. New in, you can now be recommended by other creators. There is a one thousand cap on user recommendations a day, to avoid spam. Fb is testing weekly Rising Creator alerts where users in your niche will be recommended. FB is also testing new Top Fan features so you can engage exclusively with and send Posts to your ride or dies. They are also experimenting with a new composer selector which is the plus icon that helps you create a Story, Live, Reel or Post.

Instagram Buttons

Instagram must be listening to the Pussy Cat Dolls because they have loosened up their buttons baby (uh-huh!) and are trialling a new action button which likely will sit at the bottom of our Posts. Some actions available at the moment include a link to the DM’s, WhatsApp or appointment booking.

Instagrams Christmas How-To Guides

IG has posted 3-how-to guides for the holiday season. The first is how to set up your shop for success on IG, the second a making effective Reels on IG and lastly, how to build connections with new communities.

TikTok is updating its stance on political campaigns.

TikTok will now require all political officials to verify their accounts to stop misinformation. It will also remove donations and ad tools for these accounts. Ad restrictions will also be enforced which would be great as I’m sure we’d all love a break during election season. The update is to prevent misinformation from spreading on the platform ahead of the midterm elections in November. This has been something Facebook has come under fire for not doing enough about. TikTok does not want any more negative press or ties to Governments as they continue to face scrutiny. Their relationship as a Chinese company operating in China would mean the Government would audit their business. Meaning data from users from around the globe would be extracted by the Government. TikTok denies the allegations but it is uncertain whether their parent company is complying or not.

Your BeReal Update For Today

BeReals goal is to monetise the platform without ruining our experience. BeReal users have surged from 10 thousand to 15 million in a little over a year. The app will remain free however they want to add paid features like Discord has done where users can pay a few dollars for digital extras like exclusive stickers. This is unlikely to occur until the second half of 2023 with their main focus stemming from improving the app user interface. Be Real has not ruled out future advertising. The French startup, founded in 2020, only has 40 staff members and plenty of capital to keep them sustained for awhile before seeking monetisation. They remain focused on fixing product glitches and expanding their user base.

Meta launches Facebook Reels API!

In June, Instagram launched Reels API and now Facebook is following suit. What is it? This program allows creators to make Reels on third-party websites like Wix and immediately share it on Facebook without having to manually post them on Facebook. Think of it as cross-posting for Facebook visitation. Reels remain a key focus for Meta.

And Just Like That… we’re all wrapped up for the week. Tune in next week for another round of exciting social media updates.



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