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The Meta Ads Roundup + 4 Other Exhilarating Updates For Your Week

Digital Updates

October 10, 2022


This week we have some much-needed updates and some… not so much. Let’s unpack some new updates from Meta ads, a TikTok holiday content guide, more links for our IG bios, and a TikTok copycat but what’s new? The last one is probably my favourite but you’ll have to read on to find that one out.

Meta Ads Roundup

This week Meta’s ads have seen a few new additions to the roster with Facebook launching carousel ads in Reels and 4-10 second skippable ads as well. Instagram is introducing ads to its explore page so when you land on the page sponsored posts will be included with your recommended posts. Finally, they have added sponsored ads to profile feed scrolling. So if you’re stalking a boy and scroll through a Hello Fresh ad it’s likely he’s not an ambassador.

TikTok Has Launched A Holiday Content Guide

TikTok has created a holiday content guide for biz owners. This guide will help you create, schedule and manage your ads for the upcoming holiday season. It will be similar to the already released Meta holiday guide but for TikTok. Data by TikTok released shows 33% of TikTok users discover new products from brands. So this would be a great tool for your biz this holiday season.

Instagram Bios

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow multiple links in our bios. The changes will make linking all your endeavours to your profile much easier. This will remove the need for third-party apps such as LinkTree. How it will work is when you view a bio, the link at the bottom will say how many other links are available.

The Launch of TikTok Now

It’s groundhog day again! TikTok Now has launched its BeReal for TikTok users. In the US it will be integrated into the US app and is currently a separate app in all other markets. The major difference is you have an extra minute to shoot images (3 minutes) and 10 minutes to shoot your video. You can view your friend’s posts in your friend’s feed and public ones in the explore feed on TikTok.

Tweet Editing Trial

Twitter has launched a trial in Australia for an edit option on Tweets. These edits will take place for Twitter Blue users only. This will allow users to edit tweets up to 5 times for the first 30 minutes of it being live. All users will be able to view the edit history of a tweet.

What did you think of the secret update? Editing tweets is going to be a life changer. What were some of your favourite updates? Send us a message on our socials, we would love to hear from you. Until then, have a great week.



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