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Product Tags In Reels Are Here + 3 More Updates You Need To Know


August 22, 2022


Get in losers!!! We’re going Reel shopping through Instagram’s new product tags tool. This week we break down the key insights you might have missed in between your BeReal updates.

Shop Through Reels

And just like that… we can live, laugh and shop. Instagram has just rolled out a new feature that allows creators to add product tags to Reels. Allowing you to scroll through videos and purchase hot items on offer easily through the new product tags feature.

Performance Insights for Reels in Creator Studio

BeReel. Do you wanna know more about how your Reels are doing? Well, new additions to insights are here. You can now track your reach (how many people have engaged with your content), average watch time and minutes watched. But that’s not all. They have also added Your Stickers to Reels and the ability to convert past stories into Reels. Did we forget to mention cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook?

Image credit: Meta

Generation Z Slang Guide

Have you ever been in a Tik Tok comment section and thought to yourself, “what does no cap mean?” Well, we’ve found an extensive guide on how to brush up on your slang, phrase and abbreviation knowledge to get down with the Gen Z.

Image credit: LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn Business Manager

We’ve found the perfect step-by-step manual to help you set up LinkedIn Business Manager. The new feature is dedicated to businesses that have a big team and run big business. This tutorial will help you set up a more secure user experience by allowing you to grant access to certain colleagues and contractors and will also help you to manage your ad campaigns, audiences and business pages.

As always, let us know how you found these updates. We love to engage with our community. Head on back next week as we discuss more unmissable social intel to help better your biz.



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