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July 4, 2022

Instagram’s latest video to Reel push + 2 Meta updates you’ll want to know about

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Yep, Instagram is making even more Reels updates. This time it isn’t about the reels themselves, but where they will go (hint: video to Reel). Meta is coming in hot with HEAPS of Facebook Groups tests and we might be able to schedule Reels sooner than we thought.

Instagram is testing posting all videos as Reels

We’re not sure how we feel about this one yet. We all know the Reels feed by now, but it looks like Instagram wants to change things up a bit. They have started a test that puts any video you post into the Reels feed instead of being able to choose if you want it as a post. So basically anything you post that isn’t a still image or carousel will be converted to a Reel and be shown in the Reels feed. It’s yet another push towards video content on the app, but we’ll wait and see how this one rolls out.

Image credit: Meta

Facebook has made a lot of updates to Groups

Are you part of any Facebook groups? You’ll want to see this. Facebook is testing HEAPS of new features for Facebook Groups. From a brand new sidebar to give you easy access to your groups to heaps of new engagement options like ‘Community Chat Channels’, there’s a lot going on! Some more updates include ‘Community Audio Channels’ that let you have real-time conversations with group members and ‘Community Feed Channels’, which lets Admins create topics in the group so members can choose what they want to see. We love to see ways to boost engagement and community, so we are excited to see how these go!

Meta is making (even more) big changes to Reels

Scheduling Reels might soon be a reality! Meta has announced that they are releasing its Reels API for external use. This essentially means scheduling platforms can schedule Reels and give you insights into their performance. We love seeing ways to make content creation easier for biz owners, so we are very excited about this rollout!

That’s it for this week! As usual, we’ll be back next week with the big updates you need to see (let’s see if there are any more Reels updates!). Until next time…


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