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July 11, 2022

TikTok has released a course you need + 2 more epic digital updates

Digital Updates

TikTok has been hot hot hot lately, and they are helping everyone to get in on the action. We are super excited about what they are releasing (HINT: TikTok course). PLUS; we’ve had two other updates we just had to share with you (Facebook and Twitter are bringing all the updates).

TikTok is sharing its tips and tricks

Yep, you read that right. Want to step up your TikTok game? TikTok is starting a new course designed for small biz owners! It’s called ‘Follow Me’, and it’s free to join. It’s six weeks of expert tips and tricks from TikTok experts, other business owners, and small business ambassadors. Get all the inside goss and the knowledge you need to build your profile on TikTok.

Image credit: Meta

Facebook is making it easier to go live

We’ve got a brand new feature for Facebook Live! While you are live, you can assign a Community Manager to monitor any comments during the live stream. This takes some stress away from the whole process, knowing someone is ready to jump in if needed.

Image credit: Twitter

Twitter is testing out a new feature

If you’ve ever done a collab on Twitter and wanted to share the love, this latest test will be perfect for you. Twitter is testing out a collab function that allows users to invite another account to contribute to a tweet. We love anything that shares the credit, so let’s hope this becomes a reality!

That’s a wrap! Are you going to sign up for the TikTok course? Let us know! We hope these are helpful for you, and as usual, we’ll be back next week with the next round of epic digital updates!


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