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Instagram Gal Gang - Shanny - Wild Spark Copy

Instagram Gal Gang – Shanny – Wild Spark

Instagram Gal Gang

March 18, 2019


When we first came across Shanny from Wild Spark Copy on Insta, we just thought ‘WHO IS THIS SASSY, CLEVER WOMAN?!’ Immediately we knew we had to be friends with her. She has the kind of energy can light up a room, and sure enough, when we got to meet her at Business Chicks 9 to Thrive, she did just that. She is cleverly worded – and not afraid to drop the f-bomb when it’s called for. We can’t wait to introduce Shanny to you (if you don’t already know her) as the kick-ass copywriter who does things a little differently.


Question 1. So tell us, what were you doing before Wild Spark Copy and what made you want to start this little journey on your own?

Before launching Wild Spark Copy (and before I got knocked up), I was travelling the world as a teacher + freelance travel writer. It didn’t suck.


I started Wild Spark in February 2018 when my son, Reef, was four months old. I could tell you that I always knew I was destined to be a boss, or that I wanted to share my passion for writing with the world or some other bullshit like that – but honestly? It was because I was bored AF being a stay-at-home mama and I needed an outlet/bigger purpose for my overachieving ass. #KeepinItReal


Question 2. What are you loving and what are you hating about being a biz owner so far?

I love the control that comes with being my own boss and the ability to set my hours around my family and responsibilities as a mama to a toddler. I also love the connections I have made with other biz babes and the new friendship circle that has come from developing those relationships.


What do I hate? The fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do in my business.

Question 3. So you’re fairly new to the biz owner tribe, but if you could go back to the beginning and change anything, what would it be?

To come to the realisation earlier that my time is just as f*cking valuable and precious as anyone else’s. And while it’s okay to go that extra mile and have an above-and-beyond work ethic for my clients, it’s also okay to charge them accordingly.

Question 4. What would you say makes your brand stand out from the noise?

Have you seen my Insta? (*wink*)

Question 5. Now we especially LOVE the way that you inject personality into your words & you’re SO honest with calling out any BS on Insta. Are there any tips of the trade that you’re willing to give away that might help others nail their brand voice too?

My top tips?


1.       Make sure it’s consistent across all brand touchpoints.


2.       Keep it real. Keep it short. Keep it punchy. Keep it simple. (Complicated crap is for physics nerds, ex-husbands and Swedish furniture instructions. It doesn’t belong in your copy.)


3.       Talk your talk and walk your walk. (Boldly. Proudly.)


4.       Own that shit like a boss – if you don’t believe your brand voice, no one else will either.


5.       Be unapologetically YOU.


Question 6. Holla to some Instagram accounts that you admire and why? We love to look for new inspo!

Shoutout to my girl Tara from @youroneandonly for always bringing the branding goods and design truth bombs in her signature tone; my biz BFF Yiota from @oladigital for always keepin’ shit real (but still sunshine-y); and my ridiculously talented amiga Eli from @omfsocials for proudly sharing her love of good words and wine (but not necessarily in that order).

Question 7. What’s something that triggers you about social media?

Instashamers who are full of shit. (FYI: An Instashamer is someone who portrays themselves on social media in one way,  but conducts themselves and their business very differently in real life – and not for the better.)


You know the kind: Toxic narcissists. Diva antics. Disrespectful of other people’s time, talent and boundaries. Usually of sub-standard intellectual skills. Relies on charisma and emotional manipulation to get by. And they’re shit to work with.


Can’t. F*cking. Stand. It.⠀⠀

Question 8. What’s a common misconception about your industry and how do you fight it?

That we just pull clever words outta’ our asses in ridiculously short timeframes because ‘words’ are the easy part (and should, therefore, be cheaper too).


I don’t fight it – I just educate my clients on the process and value myself and my skills. For every ‘no’ I hear, I get three ‘yesses’ back, so I don’t sweat that stuff.


Question 9. Have you ever had any insane requests that have made you go “get outa here pal?” And what are your FAVE requests?

Haha, the old, ‘I need this copy by Monday’ on a Saturday is always a good one. (Cue eyeroll). Sadly, I have heard that a few too many times and it’s just not worth it anymore.


My fave requests? Packaging copy. That shit lights me up like a f*cking firecracker, and I get such a buzz seeing my words printed on products that are sitting proudly on shop shelves!


Question 10. How do you juggle being a boss lady, wife & Mumma so well? Tell us your secrets!

I don’t, but vodka helps.


Share your deets. How does someone who’s reading this (and loves your vibe!) get in touch with you?


Check out my online digs at or creep me on Insta at @wildsparkcopy. (But be warned, my shit comes with a NSFW disclaimer, so don’t get your ass fired over my f-bombs, ‘kay?)


Thank you amazing girl for your time. Looking forward to catching for a vodka (or 20) soon!


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