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December 12, 2018
Instagram Gal Gang - Clare Wood Business Coach

Instagram Gal Gang – Clare Wood Business Coach

Instagram Gal Gang

Clare Wood is the realest Business Coach you’ll ever meet. She’s down to earth, hilarious and honest. They are just some of the reasons we’re so excited to have her on our Instagram Gal Gang feature this week, but another reason is that we actually just sat down to have a strategy session with Clare and could not rate her highly enough. Her structured, insightful and practical approach to business and marketing really helped us get our goals back on track and motivated to kick the new year off with a bang! Here is the interview with the Business Coach you’ll adore straight away!

Question 1. So tell us, what was your lightbulb moment that made you decide to embark on your biz owner journey?
Well, I got made redundant while on mat leave with my first baby and I was helping my hubby out with his business.  He said “babe, you are so good at this, people would PAY you for it”! And that was the birth of Clare Wood Coach!
Question 2. What have been your biggest struggles, and your biggest accomplishments with owning your own biz so far?
Oh gosh, I’d say biggest struggles have been cashflow management (with two small business owners in our household) and juggling business and babies- it’s such a delicate balance!

My biggest accomplishments?  Appearing on several podcasts (Socialette, Mums with Hustle and The Busy Mum Podcast) and also being a mentor at Pitch@Palace with HRH the Duke of York!

Question 3. What is something that you wish you could tell young, blissful early in the biz days you? Something other biz owners could learn the easy way!
This game is freakin hard.  SO hard. It will be a rollercoaster of emotions and a struggle.  Successful businesses are NOT built overnight, it’s about consistency, patience and resilience!  Just learn to ride the wave!
Question 4. So you basically support and assist biz owners to achieve their business and marketing goals, how did you come about this career journey?
Well, don’t hold it against me, but I actually started my career as an accountant!  (anyone who knows me finds this quite funny, myself included! I do not fit the accountant stereotype!)  I hated accounting and moved more into the commercial/ analytical space (which I loved) and discovered my passion for business!

I LOVE what I do, and I know I am serving my life purpose as a business coach, I love to help others

Question 5. Now we specifically LOVE the way that you build others up and give continuous support of your little Gal Gang.  How do you find the energy? And how do you lift yourself up?
Energy?!  Energy?? Haha you girls crack me up!  I have been exhausted since having kids (all the mums out there know what I’m talking about!).  But seriously, I am so passionate about what I do, I know this shines through. I literally light up when I am helping someone with their business dream
Question 6. Holla to some Instagram accounts that you admire and why? We love to look for new inspo!
I love @wildsparkcopy (it always cracks me up!) and I also love @writemyad (she also is so funny!).  Oh gosh, I could go on and on here! I’ll stop there for now
Question 7. What’s a common misconception about your industry?
That all business coaches are the same!  I know SO many coaches and everyone does things in a different way, have different strengths and abilities.  If you are looking for a coach, I say 1) find someone you click with and 2) think about what you need help with in your biz and see whether this is an area of speciality for them
Question 8. If you could offer one piece of advice to someone stuck in a biz rut, what would it be?
Find your passion again!  Dig out your vision (or if you don’t have one, write one!) and remember just why you got started in the first place.
Question 9. You’re a very social Gal, which groups do you find are the most valuable for networking and finding like minded women to provide support and friendship?
My FAV networking group is the Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine!  It is so accessible, events are affordable and there are just generally a bunch of awesome gals there. If you are not already in the FB group, get involved.
Question 10. Drop us your deets! How would someone who is reading this and is super impressed by the lovely Gal you are find you:
My deets?  Gosh, we only just met, you do move fast 😉

Find me on insta @clare_wood_coach

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Or Facey @clarewoodcoach

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Thanks so much for having me beautiful ladies… so grateful for the invite!

Thank you for your time and as always, being 100% real!


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