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In November, Instagram knocked it out of the park with updates. They have released so many and they are some serious gems in there. Not to be outdone, TikTok has released a great tool for creatives but a not so great update to the FYP (you’ll see what we mean).

10 Huge November Digital Updates You Need to See

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Demystifying the LinkedIn Algorithm

Ready to conquer LinkedIn and take your marketing efforts to the next level? We’ve got some exciting news for you! LinkedIn has recently made significant updates to its algorithm in response to user feedback. The goal is to reduce irrelevant, non-professional content and highlight more valuable, insightful, and expert-driven posts. So, grab your virtual highlighter, […]

Instagram, Social Media

3 big mistakes business owners make on socials

We’re gonna talk about three major Insta fails that we see business owners make all too often! These mistakes may seem like they’re helping your account, but they’re actually doing more harm than good. And as your marketing cheerleaders, we’re here to cheer you in the right direction. Mistake #1: Buying Followers I know it’s […]

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Engagement Pods are so not fetch (and can seriously damage your Instagram account)

Are you ready to talk about engagement pods on Instagram? We are so ready to break it down for you like it’s 2001 and we’re rocking out to “Oops!… I Did It Again” by Britney Spears. So, what are engagement pods, you ask? They’re basically groups of Instagram users who agree to help each other […]


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How the TikTok algorithm works

Ready to learn all about the mysterious TikTok algorithm and why it’s quickly dominating all other social media platforms? Here’s exactly how it works and how YOU can benefit from it! The TikTok algorithm It seems everyone has a chance to go viral on TikTok. This is because of the way the app’s algorithm works. […]

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Instagram Expands Testing of Its 90 Second Reels + 3 More Digital Updates You Need to See

We’ve seen some MAJOR digital marketing updates recently with big buyouts and testing of new tools across the main platforms. No matter how you use social media for your biz, you need to be on top of the changes; that’s why we’ve brought all the need to know info to one place for you! Ready […]


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Ideas to maximise your Reach

Has your Reach been dropping like it’s hot? 🔥⁠⁠First of all – don’t panic. All of our favourite platforms are being loaded with new users and content every day – which means more noise and less attention to go around 👀⁠⁠If you’re already doing these things, keep doing your thing and focus on maximising relationships […]

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