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Erin Simpson

The Lowdown on UTM Tagging


March 4, 2022


And how it can help your biz!

Ever hear people mention UTM tagging and leave the convo scratching your head? Well, we’re here to give you the full lowdown of what UTM tagging exactly is, and how it can help your biz.

Firstly, UTM tagging is crucial in measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Wanna know which social network is bringing in the most traffic to your website? Or the percentage of traffic generated by social networks vs email marketing?

You can track it all with UTM tagging!

So, what is UTM tagging?

UTM tagging is essentially adding little snippets of text to the end of a URL to tell Google Analytics exactly where your traffic is coming from!

Marketers customize the text in order to attribute the success of that campaign to specific pieces of content.

If you’re using many different channels in your marketing efforts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook ads, email marketing) it’s so helpful to be able to see exactly which one is bringing in the most traffic, so you can divide your time and effort wisely.

How can it help?

If we haven’t already sold you on UTM tagging, let’s go through exactly how it can help your biz.

See where your traffic is coming from

UTM tagging can provide you with super precise data about conversion and traffic sources! You even can see the traffic that has come from an exact email newsletter, blog post or Facebook ad.

Measure the value and ROI of campaigns

By using UTM tagging in your campaigns, you can easily identify which specific ad, campaign or channel is yielding the best results, and optimise accordingly.

Allows you to test individual posts in A/B testing style

Trial two different formats for posts and UTM tagging data will reveal which one drove the most traffic.

What UTM tagging looks like & how to get started

UTM tagging can seem intimidating at first, but the good news is, there are a bunch of free tools online that do it for you! Our fave is the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder.

Here you can input whatever information is important to you and it will create your custom link for you.

Where to find your new traffic info

Once you’ve started using your UTM tags on all your links shared (great work BTW!) let’s find your exciting new traffic info!

Feeling confident & ready to start knuckling down on your marketing efforts? You go gal!

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