Oh hello, welcome to our first blog! My title
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January 23, 2018

Oh hello, welcome to our first blog!


Welcome! Thanks for joining us for our very first blog. You might know us as the punny gals with the colourful and fun Instagram @ohmydigitalau. We aim to provide small to medium businesses with educational, inspiring and motivational content that makes you go ahhh!

We originally met working together in a busy digital marketing team. Since then we discovered we had the same taste in wine and a different taste in men – match made in heaven really. Oh – and we worked really well together too.
Eventually it was time for each of us to move onto other things, but one night over a catch up dinner we realised our passion for all things digital just wasn’t being fulfilled, and our little side hustle was born. It didn’t take us long to formulate the name “Oh My Digital”, we wanted something youthful and punchy to captivate our brand personality. Our minimalist look with the pop of colour and simple imagery came to us whilst trawling through Shutterstock (lifesaver). We were off, we had the same vision and the same goal.
Within six months we had our first few clients and we’ve been flying high ever since.
SO, ready to meet the Oh My Digital Co-Founders? Roll Call!
Content Queen Katy
Prior to launching her career as a digital marketer, Kaitlyn worked across journalism and public relations, developing a strong passion for copywriting and strategic communication. Having worked as an in-house marketing and communications practitioner, she knows how to work collaboratively with her clients to achieve the best results for their business.
In her words: “Let’s have a chat over coffee. Or wine. The choice is yours!”
Social Strategist Hayley
Hayley has worked in Marketing for over 8 years, across a span of industries which has allowed her to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge. Whilst managing a digital Agency she developed her passion for all things social. She realised that there was a major component missing from major agencies, genuine care and transparency for their clients. With a “No BS” approach to strategy, Hayley goes above and beyond to achieve the desired goals for her clients.
In her words: “I can’t wait to help you kill it at social media!”
So there you have it. We’ve introduced you to the Oh My Digital fam! Feel free to head on over to our socials and say hello 👋. Instagram or Facebook (we give lots of fun tips and tricks away every day!).
Or if you’d like to get in touch with us about getting your socials optimised to start bringing in targeted, qualified traffic, feel free to email us at hello@ohmydigitalagency.com.au!

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