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TikTok Unveils 15-Minute Videos + other digital updates

Digital Updates

April 15, 2024


This Week’s Social Media Roundup

This week, TikTok plays the long game with a new update allowing you upload videos up to 15-minutes long! Competitor Instagram is on fire with a bunch of new updates, including the launch of Instagram University to keep us in the loop with the latest IG news and features! Meanwhile, LinkedIn and Meta are both fighting fires: LinkedIn introduces a new recruiter verification badge to combat scams, and Meta’s ad system is glitchy, potentially increasing costs for your ads! Keep scrolling to see what else has happened this week!

What’s new with Meta?

Watch Out for Ad Glitches

Heads up! If you’re running Facebook ads, you might want to keep a close eye on your charges and performance. According to Bloomberg, Meta’s ad system has been a bit “glitchy” lately, causing ad costs to spike and performance to be all over the place. 

Meta has admitted to some technical issues, but they insist it’s affecting only a few accounts. Still, it’s a good idea to monitor your ad campaigns and watch for any price changes. Keep an eye on your account and let’s pray the glitches stop!

Check Out the New ‘Finds’ Shopping Feed

Facebook just dropped a new feature called ‘Finds’, a shopping feed that includes sponsored posts you’ve interacted with and other sponsored content the algorithm thinks you’ll love based on your interests. It’s ever been a better time to optimise your shop.

(Source: Radu Oncescu via Matt Navara)

Screenshot: Matt Navarra

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What’s new with Instagram?

Post Often for More Follower Growth

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently addressed the misconception that posting too often can cause you to lose followers. He announced that their analysis of data has lead them to determine that sharing frequently actually leads to more follower growth over time! While there might be a dip in followers short term, keeping up the consistent posting will see your follower count rise in the long run. So keep creating and sharing your content!

Instagram University

Instagram just launched a new ‘Instagram University’ Broadcast channel to keep you in the loop on all things Instagram. Expect updates on new product features, trending content, and tips and tricks.

Join the channel here!

Screenshot: Matt Navarra

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

  • Check out the new ‘Mutuals’ tab on Instagram profiles! It shows shared followers, in addition to existing tabs like Posts, Followers, and Following. A fun new way to see how you’re connected!
  • Instagram has been spotted working on a new ‘Visibility off Instagram‘ setting, where you can control whether your public posts and videos appear in search engine results. Keep an eye out for this one!
  • Instagram is testing out exciting new features for Stories and Notes! Cutout for Reels & Stories lets you turn any photo or video into a custom sticker with animations for videos. Notes Prompts will allow you to pose questions for your friends to respond to, and Notes on Profile makes your Notes visible on your IG profile for 24 hours.
Source: Matt Navarra

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

Recruiter Verification Is Here to Fight Scams

LinkedIn just rolled out a new verification badge for recruiters in the app to combat recruitment scams and spammy outreach. Recruiters can confirm their identity using LinkedIn Recruiter, similar to LinkedIn’s ID confirmation for regular users. This new feature help ensure you’re connecting with legit job offers and not scammers. Hooray! Verified profiles see more engagement, so this is a win-win for everyone. The new verification option launches mid-April!

Source: LinkedIn

👀 Tests spotted on LinkedIn this week:

  • LinkedIn is currently testing a dedicated video feed with expanded video ad options. Video has always performed well on LinkedIn, but discovering video content, especially live events, hasn’t been easy until now. A dedicated video tab could help to enhance your marketing strategy by ensuring your audience doesn’t miss your content. LinkedIn is also highlighting the benefits of video for B2B marketers with a new infographic that shows the value of video ads and where they fit in. Check it out for your next campaign!

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What’s new with YouTube?

New Shopping Tools & Affiliate Opportunities

YouTube is getting serious about shopping with new in-stream tools to boost product discovery and sales. Creators can now curate Shopping Collections with products they love and even add their own items for a personalized touch. This helps YouTubers promote products directly and earn more revenue. While in-stream shopping hasn’t fully taken off in Western markets like in Asia, interest is growing. 

The platform is also launching an Affiliate Hub for creators to browse and apply for brand partnership deals, complete with commission rates and promo codes. Plus, Youtube’s addition of Fourthwall integration makes listing your products even easier!

Screenshot: Youtube

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What’s new with TikTok?

Longer Videos Now Available on TikTok

You can now upload videos up to 15-minutes long to TikTok! Make sure your app is up-to-date, then give it a go by uploading from your app or head over to on your desktop. Longer vids mean more room to get your brand out there, so go wild!

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What’s new with Threads?

Threads Won’t Do Chronological feed

Threads has been easing into the scene since July with features like a following feed and search, but don’t expect chronological search results anytime soon. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri revealed this week that it’s a no-go due to safety risks. However, Threads is still expanding keyword search to more languages like English and Spanish to keep things interesting. While Threads is also playing around with hashtags, users are hoping for more to make it a solid X/Twitter alternative!

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Looks like the apps are focusing on improving their customer experience this week! But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates. AND don’t forget, if you do miss out you can always go back to last weeks blog posts here.




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