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Meta AI has taken over + other digital updates

Digital Updates

April 23, 2024


Meta AI has taken over! If you haven’t seen the new Meta AI feature launched across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, you may as well be living under a rock. Meta has brought the fire and is giving old ChatGPT a run for its money. Read on for the digital tea!

What’s new with Meta?

Meta AI is integrated into Search

You may have noticed a blue ring in your search bar, yes that’s Meta AI’s new search integration. You can now get real-time web search results and AI generated results without even leaving your app! They’ve come out swinging with an aim to put ChatGPT to shame.

So naturally, we put it to the test to see what it could come up with if we asked for social media content plan and content ideas. And we were pleasantly surprised. Check it out below!


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What’s new with Instagram?

Meta AI Stickers & Backdrop

Instagram have released custom AI-generated stickers and Backdrops to decorate your chats and stories, making them look more visually appealing and branded. We can’t wait to play with this new feature!

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What’s new with Facebook?

Facebook adds ‘Nonprofit Manager’ to Professional Pages Dashboard

The new Nonprofit Manager feature facilitates campaign creation and review, supporter engagement, and community building around social causes. It simplifies tracking of your business’s philanthropic efforts.

👀 Tests spotted on Facebook this week:

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What’s new with TikTok?

You can now upload 30-60 minute videos to TikTok

TikTok is now directly competing with YouTube with an increased video upload time of not just 30 minutes but right up to 60-minute long videos. We’re not totally convinced that the app can handle it (based on how it handles uploading videos close to 5-minutes). But we’ll see.

So should you be uploading 60-minute videos? We recommend looking at your analytics first and seeing how well your current content is performing first.

Source: Oh My Digital TikTok Screenshot

TikTok Launches Notes Photo App

TikTok had been dropping hints but they’ve now spilt the tea on their brand new photo based app, called TikTok Notes to Australia and Canada only so far. It works as a basic photo sharing app with images and descriptions you can already find on TikTok but shared into the Note app.

Here’s our little tour of the app so far!

TikTok Updates Community Guidelines

TikTok has updated their Community Guidelines, from now on your first violation won’t be counted as a strike and only serves as a warning. The new policy says that multiple strikes may lead to an account ban. Ensure you’re across the compliance changes for your business.

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📰 In other news:

Well, the future looks bright for AI! We’ll keep you posted on any new Meta updates! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates. AND don’t forget, if you do miss out you can always go back to last weeks blog posts here.




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